The Best Sweepstakes Prizes Reward Consumers for Their Time, Effort, and Data

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The right sweepstakes prizes are the keys to a successful sweepstakes or giveaway. A sweepstakes is a promotion in which a prize is given away on the basis of chance, which means consumers want to feel that it’s worth their time to enter your promotion.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best sweepstakes prizes to help ensure that entering your promotion rewards consumers for their time, effort, and data.


  • Why is it important to reward customers?
  • What is good customer effort in a giveaway?
  • What is the value of consumer data?


How to Choose a Sweepstakes Prize (with Giveaway Prize Ideas)

Choosing the right sweepstakes prize takes some planning and research. With help from data from your martech stack, and the right sweepstakes marketing team, you’ll be able to choose the perfect sweepstakes prize, based on historical data, campaign metrics, and your target audience demographics.

Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when selecting a prize for your social media giveaway:

  1. Give Problem-Solvers
  2. Don’t Create More Problems
  3. Make Sure It Appeals to the Majority of Your Audience
  4. Don’t Give Something People Are Most Likely to Already Own
  5. Always Source the Best Quality Sweepstakes Prizes
  6. Personalize the Prize and/or Prize Delivery
  7. When Consumers Say What They Want to Win, Listen to Them
  8. Give People What They Need If Your Branding Is Focused on Practicality, Value
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Prize Fulfillment Service Overview

Find a Prize Fulfillment Service

Getting to know your customers through sweepstakes and giveaways is how you collect the pertinent pieces of data that you need to personalize your products and services to their needs. The right sweepstakes prize will help you to get participants to enter so that you can extract useful knowledge about your target audience while also earning their trust.

Ideally, your sweepstakes prizes should be in line with all of these datapoints about your customers.

  1. Preferred media consumption channels
  2. Demographics
  3. Pain points that attract them to your brand
  4. Consumer values that align with your brand
  5. Positive consumer sentiment regarding your brand, product/service type, industry
  6. Overall industry trends
  7. Direct consumer feedback
  8. Sales and marketing analytics
  9. Physical location
  10. User intent

As a result, you need to conduct sweepstakes surveys that collect the pertinent data needed to accurately target your audience. Meeting and maximizing your sweepstakes ROI is all about creating a customer experience that is based on quantitative data.

The value of running ongoing sweepstakes is that overtime, you will be able to validate your data-driven marketing strategy with highly targeted sweepstakes campaigns that boost sales, increase brand awareness, and enhance brand engagement, and customer loyalty.


What Is a Customer Effort Score for a Sweepstakes?

When it comes to measuring your customer effort score (CES), or participant effort score, for your sweepstakes, users are typically surveyed in order to rate the ease of their experience.

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The collected answers generally deteremine how likely participants are to ensure your sweepstakes or complete multiple entries. The higher your sweepstakes customer effort score the more participants it will attract.

A high customer effort score for a sweepstakes means that your sweepstakes provides an effortless experience where they can enter to win a prize in just a minute or two.

On the other hand, a low customer effort score for your sweepstakes or giveaway means that people find it difficult to enter or follow your promotion. This means that not only will your sweepstakes be ineffective at attracting participants, it will not be able to meet your goals for the campaign.

CES can predict or indicate:

  • Future customer purchase behavior
  • How engaged your participants are with your sweepstakes
  • Customer loyalty (many loyal customers are sweepstakes participants)

The factor that determines most whether your sweepstakes has a high CES? Your sweepstakes prize.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Sweepstakes Prizes

This is how you choose the wrong sweepstakes prize for your promotion. Here are the sweepstakes idea mistakes to avoid:

  1. Don’t pick prizes just because they are cool or popular personal gifts with consumers.
  2. A sweepstakes prize that is irrelevant to your audience is a strategic mistake.
  3. Sweepstakes prizes that don’t motivate your target consumer base to enter your promotion.
  4. Your giveaway prize doesn’t deliver value because it’s impractical to claim at prize delivery or is so commonplace that participants don’t think they will win.

In a nutshell, this is the value of working with a sweepstakes marketing company to help you find the right prize for your promotion.

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Next Steps: Find a Prize Fulfillment Company

These tips should be enough to point you in the right direction of valuable and creative sweepstakes prize ideas. Register here for your Free Premium Account to request your prize fulfillment company quote.

Create Your Own Sweepstakes Prizes, Too

The unconventional method to making your sweepstakes or giveaway unique is to be unconventional.

By working with sweepstakes marketers and a prize fulfillment company, you can help to avoid your sweepstakes ROI getting stuck in the status quo!

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