Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Sweepstakes and Contests

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Today, you’re going to learn the top 10 search engine optimization tips that you need to know to boost your sweepstakes or contest.

And, these tips actually work.

In fact, they can help you get #1 rankings for keywords like “sweepstakes”

Or “contest” or “giveaway” or “peas”

So whether you’re new to SEO for sweepstakes and contests, or you are a marketer looking to boost a sweepstakes contests, here are some useful SEO techniques to help you get started.

Here are the top 10 search engine optimization tips to follow when optimizing your sweepstakes or contest:

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as SEO, is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic or search results.

Sweepstakes SEO should start by carefully checking what each page talks about and identifying the top keywords that bring targeted visitors, namely participants and customers, to your website.

Keyword research is one of the techniques employed in SEO to investigate and find out potential search phrases that people use to extract information from search engines.

We recommend that you employ advanced SEO tools that allow you to do in-depth research of your competitors.

And don’t forget to cover all of the basic SEO principles, methods and techniques so that you will be able to get the most from the more advanced SEO methods.

It is very easy for directories to have incorrect or outdated information about your business or product: wrong name, address, phone number, or industry.

Make sure that you correct this information with the appropriate schema markup.

Below are the main elements that will make the search engines love your sweepstakes or contest web site and make it search engine optimized.


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Best Practices Of Search Engine Optimization Step by Step

This guide will help you in identifying the steps that are necessary, in order to improve the organic positioning of your sweepstakes or contest site.

By using top 10 search engine optimization & positioning to establish a strong online presence you can ensure that you have steady flow of organic traffic and potential participants.

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For the non-content sites, such as sweepstakes and contests that utilize animated websites featuring instant win games, they can make use of technical SEO with optimization techniques deployed in behind-the-scenes code.

What form of SEO you will choose depends entirely on your budget and marketing goals.

In this way, brands are able to greatly increase their website’s search engine rank. Companies, such as large retailers and manufacturers, along with large agencies that run sweepstakes and contests on behalf of brands, will benefit from these SEO efforts.

Having the top 10 search engine optimization results already makes it easier and faster to gain traction for new promotional campaigns.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tip #1 – Internal Linking

Internal linking can be tricky especially if you find discrepancies. For example, when we first launched this site it appeared that Bing had attracted some significant numbers of visitors, at the expense of Google.

This is of course due to the use of different algorithms and design on the search engine results pages. Depending on the search, Bing delivers either highly relevant results or sometimes a little less so.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tip #2 – Voice Search or Voice-enabled

Make sure not to overlook voice searches. For example, when an individual makes a voice search, terms like ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘why’, and so on should be included in your keyword research.

Search engine optimization for voice, especially when it comes to product searches, offers measurable results.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tip #3 – Bing, Duck Duck Go & Product Search Engines

A site that is well-optimized is one that includes a page title, a description tag, and keyword tags, of course but that is just the very beginning depending on the search engine you want to optimize for.

Taking the time to learn about how the SEO optimization process works for the various search engines, including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, eBay and others individually will prove to be invaluable for the continuing progress of your ranking your sweepstakes or contest website.

The terminology and the details of each part of the process may vary.

However, an SEO agency or consultant will follow a formula and walk you thorough all of the steps so that you don’t have to worry about complicated SEO tasks.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tip #4 – Speed Up Your Website

Having a slow website hurts your Google rankings. With Google’s “Speed Update” the algorithm was specifically updated to downrank pages that load slowly on mobile.

In addition with an active sweepstakes or contest running, you want to also make sure that all of your users can access the sweepstakes entry website or your brand website with no problems. You need to ensure that your sweepstakes or contest website can handle a high volume of traffic with no issues.

The first step is to remove any scripts that are not important to your site and delete them.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tip #5 – Improve Your Organic SEO CTR by Studying Your Reporting

As for the last step in helping to make sure that you achieve top 10 search engine optimization rankings: reporting. Reporting should be done at regular intervals after the execution of sweepstakes SEO campaign.

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Make sure that your sweepstakes platform or sweepstakes company has the SEO tools needed to help you achieve top 10 search engine optimization, namely that you can connect your campaign to Google Analytics and other tracking tools and watch your participants engage in real-time.

SEO is one of the most economical ways to get your sweepstakes or contest listed at the top of search engines without having to pay per click.

Following the top 10 search engine optimization strategies for on page and off page SEO are what help brands rank in search engines and seen online. SEO which is an inbound marketing strategy enables you to promote your product or services to people once they search for such item online.

The Basics Of Top 10 Search Engine Optimization For Sweepstakes & Contests

There are two considerations when it comes to SEO that will mostly depend on whether you are working with a brand new, just registered website or your company website is well established.

When targeting keywords that are fairly difficult to rank for, many brands simply opt to run their sweepstakes and contest campaigns on a subdomain or page of their existing brand or product website.

In the end, these existing SEO efforts can give some sweepstakes or contest campaigns a boost.

So it may be an important consideration for marketers who are unsure as to whether they should launch a brand new site from scratch in order to run a sweepstakes or giveaway promotion.

The other factor is time. For instance it may take more than 5 months for your website to even start appearing in the search results.

This is why throughout this article, we have recommended that you focus your SEO efforts toward any annual holiday promotions that your brand is sure to run ongoing in the future.

Throughout this article, keep in mind the following:

The top 10 search engine optimization must be done in combination with content marketing in order to be the most effective.

It’s definitely worth your effort to spend time developing quality and original content for your contest or sweepstakes promotion website.

Sweepstakes content marketing also needs special treatment.

Today, search engines automatically discount keywords within content, as they become more conscious about content quality and readability.

The algorithms demand that top 10 search engine optimization ranked content follows at least basic fundamentals of writing techniques, such as headings, sub-headings, bullets & numbered, transition words.

Web marketers or SEO specialists should be responsible for doing the search engine optimization of content marketing.

This is not optional.

It should be done to ensure that the employ the exact SEO strategies to enhance the visibility of the website in the various search engine results pages.

In addition, Google demands that the best content utilize E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

SEO Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Vs Google Ads – Which One Is Better?

Most likely, when it is time for your company to start gearing up for the sweepstakes or contest to go live, you will probably opt for quick wins with paid ads.

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Running Google Ads can bring traffic to your sweepstakes or contest in just seconds which means you can have targeted leads for your campaign at a flat rate per visitor.

While this is useful, you also want to make sure that your SEO for your sweepstakes or contest website will allow you to take all of the top positions for sweepstakes promotions.

It’s recommended that you mention your company name often (and evenly) throughout your site, Sweepsify!

If you are already doing SEO for your brand or product keywords, make sure that you include long-tail keywords that have good search volume and lower competition.

To get the fastest boost in the position of your website in the search engines, you will want to stay away from the keywords with the highest and lowest search volume.

In other words, don’t try to rank for the keywords “Sweepstakes” or “Contest” only unless you have a large budget for PPC marketing!

SEO & PPC Pro Tip: By choosing middle or higher volume long-tail keywords you’ll have an advantage.

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A reputable SEO firm will be able to explain how keyword research works for your campaign and and will be able to supply you with the tools required to carry out effective SEO campaign for your sweepstakes or contest.

SEO Website Marketing – Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Final Tips

When choosing a SEO expert, make sure certain that the provider is reputable.

The SEO company that you decide to work with should be selected based on:

  1. the reputation of the company,
  2. the current ranking of the sweepstakes or contest site (namely, your brand site) and the competitiveness of the keywords,
  3. the ability of the SEO company to keep your site in line with the latest recommendations from Google.

When it comes to ranking annual promotional giveaways, every marketer knows that organic search engine optimization is the key to obtaining reliable web traffic to a sweepstakes or contest for very little cost as compared to paid advertising.

This top 10 search engine optimization strategy is not only effective but longterm as well!

On average this process takes 3-4 months to get out of the initial low traffic stages, which makes search engine optimization a useful tool for annual sweepstakes and contest marketing campaigns.

The holidays will be here soon. So now is the time to find out more about Google and Bing optimization and prepare your sweepstakes or contest website for the future.

If you want the maximum performance from your contest sweepstakes campaign, then deploy these techniques that are well-known to every SEO expert.

Looking for a SEO company to help you with your next promotion? Sweepsify helps you find top sweepstakes SEO companies in seconds. Create your free Premium account now to get started.


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