What Do Sweepstakes Administration Companies Do?

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Sweepstakes administration companies create amazing promotions that deliver ROI.

With in-house marketing teams having so much on their plates, including budgets, monitoring KPIs, and prioritizing weekly, monthly, and annual goals, there’s little room for sweepstakes and contest marketing.

Not to mention, you always want to delight your fans with a sweepstakes or contest that is unique and existing.

Finding all of this in an in-house marketing team is virtually impossible even if you have superstars.

So what does working with sweepstakes administration companies entail?

What do sweepstakes and contest administration companies do for social media contests or text to win promotions?

Here is what sweepstakes and contest administration contests do for your brand.


  • What is the role of a sweepstakes administrator?
  • What are the benefits of using a sweepstakes administration company?
  • Why you shouldn’t try to run sweepstakes or contests in-house

These Are the Top Benefits of Using Sweepstakes Administration Companies

Sweepstakes administration companies are an integral part of ensuring that your sweepstakes or contest runs efficiently. Sweepstakes administrators have worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of sweepstakes marketing campaigns.

When you work with a sweepstakes company, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that a professional is on your side to help with handling the project.

If something goes wrong, they will also have a proven contingency plan in place to ensure that the matter gets resolved promptly.

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What Is the Purpose of Sweepstakes Administration?

When it comes to the administrative work that a sweepstakes administration company does for a brand, there are a lot of processes involved. Sweepstakes administrators create official rules, register your promotion with state regulatory authorities (as reqiured in some states).

If you are running a social media contest, then a contest administrator will help ensure that you also meet the terms of service for all of the social media networks where you plan to advertise your promotion.

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That said, the services that a sweepstakes administrator provides can be nearly fully customized based on the brands preferences for their promotion. Moreover, a sweepstakes or contest may require the cooperation of multiple vendors and partners.

As a result, it is essential for companies to have a professional sweepstakes administration company negotiating and coordinating all aspects of the promotion on their behalf.

When Do You Need to Hire a Sweepstakes Administration Company?

The reasons to hire a sweepstakes administration company are clear: you save time, money, and ensure compliance.

Always hire a sweepstakes administration company if your promotion is time-sensitive or seasonal!

However, beyond those reasons you should know that the sweepstakes administrators are the ones that actually help ensure that your campaign meets its ROI goals.

When you do sweepstakes and contests in-house, you run sweepstakes marketing promotions and simply hope for the best.

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Unlike DIY sweepstakes, professional sweepstakes administration provides a clear path to achieving your campaign goals. Based on proven data from past campaigns, they have the insights they need to optimize your campaigns from the start.

Sweepstakes administration companies may also specialize in promotions for various industries, such as alcohol, cannabis, CPG brands, software, and more which will make your campaigns even more targeted.

Compliance: The Best Reason to Hire a Sweepstakes Company

If you are looking for the top reasons to hire a sweepstakes or contest administration company, compliance ranks at number one. Sweepstakes and contest law is complex and varies on the federal, state, and local levels.

Failing to comply with applicable laws and regulations could result in hefty penalties for companies and will destroy a promotion (it could get shut down by regulators).

As a result, you have to still do everything you can including seeking legal counsel to ensure that your giveaways are always fully compliant. A sweepstakes administration company has access to the resources that you need for sweepstakes and contest legal compliance.

These are 5 advantages that you gain when you hire a sweepstakes administration company.

1. Benefit From Sweepstakes Law Experts

When you work with a sweepstakes administration company, you know that you are working with skilled professionals who have years of experience in running sweepstakes, contests, and other giveaways. As a result, you get instant access to experts who can craft sweepstakes campaigns that drive leads, sales, and ROI.

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2. Free Up In-House Resources

Unless you hire a dedicated team for sweepstakes and contests, it’s more than likely that a sweepstakes or contest is yet another promotional campaign that your marketing team has to put together?

Instead of putting all of the pressure on your in-house team, let them focus on what they do best. It will make for a much better customer experience and higher ROI.

At the same time, working with a sweepstakes adminstration company helps to cut your costs. That is because you won’t need to hire, train, and add additional people to your marketing team. You also get a wide range of experts to consult on your campaign, access to third-party vendors, tech skills, strategy skills, and much more!

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3. Achieve Set Campaign KPIs

A sweepstakes administration company will work with you to help design your campaign so that it specifically meets your campaign KPIs. Sweepstakes administration companies have access to historical campaign data that eliminates the guesswork of creating campaigns.

4. The Sky Is the Limit

When it comes to sweepstakes and contests, sometimes brands want to do a campaign featuring unique or expensive prizes. A sweepstakes adminsitration company that also offers prize procurement and prize fulfillment can get you access to virtually any prize you can think of.

Everything is customized to your company’s preferences and you aren’t only limited to what your in-house marketing team could procure.

5. Ongoing Sweepstakes and Contests for Regular Leads and Sales

Sweepstakes and contests should be run on an ongoing basis, ideally. Whether your schedule for creating sweepstakes and contests is annually, monthly or seasonally, you need to prepared with the necessary vendors you need to execute your campaign.

You need options.


As a result, it’s essential for you to create your martech stack to include a few options for sweepstakes and contest administration companies so that you’ll always have options available when it’s time for your company to run a campaign.

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For smaller brands, a single option is okay.

However, for larger brands it’s ideal given that so many sweepstakes and contest marketing promotions have time constraints, which means that there is little room for error.

Text to Win Sweepstakes Administration Companies – What Do They Do?

Many brands use text to win sweepstakes adminstration companies to run SMS marketing promotions.

These campaigns not only need to comply with the TCPA, they also need to follow the same sweepstakes laws as other promotions.

Text to win sweepstakes administration companies don’t only do mobile marketing. They also can customize text to win campaigns to incorporate other marketing channels such as email and social media.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media Contest Administration Companies?

Another potential legal compliance concern of sweepstakes and contests that is most prominent in social media contests is user-generated content.

User-generated content is generated when participants submit entries via phone apps, websites, and social media networks. Photos, video, and essay contests may generate thousands of entries that not only need to be reviewed for eligibility, they also may need to be judged.

A contest administration company will help you to organize all of these aspects of your campaign so that you obtain the necessary rights required to use user-generated content in any of your future marketing promotions.

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