4 Tips to Make Your Sweepstakes or Contest Appealing to New Participants

sweepsify 4 tips to make your sweepstakes or contest appealing to new participants
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A sweepstakes or contest is the best way to get buzz for a new product launch, boost sales or attract new customers. If you want your promotion to be successful, you need to attract as many participants as possible.

These 4 tips will help you get amazing results from your sweepstakes or contest. By following these steps, you’ll be able to make your sweepstakes or contest highly appealing and attract more participants.

Let’s dive in!


  • How to choose a sweepstakes prize your audience wants
  • Does simplifying contest entry to help with collecting participant data?
  • Why you need to “sell” your sweepstakes or contests to attract participants

1. Offer a Sweepstakes or Contest Prize That Excites Your Audience

This is a tip to succeed with sweepstakes and contests which is often overlooked when marketers make the mistake of running promotions themselves. Instead, you should opt for professional sweepstakes or contest management.

Do this wrong and no one is coming to enter your sweepstakes or contest. Worse, you’ll still have to give away the sweepstakes prize as required per sweepstakes laws.

Here are a few ways to figure out what sweepstakes prize your customers would love to win:

  • Take a poll. Most social media sites have built-in poll tools that you can use or you can use a survey app.
  • Check your competitors’ promotions. Use the activity on social media during the contest or sweepstakes to determine the promotion’s success.
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2. Make It Easy to Enter Your Sweepstakes or Contest

You want sweepstakes and contest participants to experience the least amount of inconvenience in entering your promotion. The more effort it takes to sign up, the more likely potential participants will simply abandon the process.

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If you want to collect additional information about your customers, include a request to sign up to receive emails or ask survey questions on the entry form.

Keep it short. It should take no more than a minute or two, and less than 5 minutes, if you request additional information from participants on the entry form, to enter. A long entry form, means fewer entrants.

Think of what your core requirements are for the data you need to collect about your sweepstakes or contest participants. Then make sure to stick to asking customers only those few questions when designing your entry form or AMOE.

3. Sell Your Sweepstakes or Contest to Participants

It’s not enough to offer a chance to win a prize, you really need to sell your audience on the value of your sweepstakes or contest.

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You can show someone enjoying the sweepstakes or contest prize on social media. You can also make example entries for contest participants to use as a guide for their own contest submissions, help them out!

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If you have a good grasp on what makes your audience take action to enter one of your sweepstakes or contests, you’ll be able to duplicate and improve your ROI for an ongoing source of sweepstakes viral traffic.

If your brand is all about self-care products, it doesn’t make sense for you to give away an ATV as a sweepstakes prize! Instead, choose sweepstakes prizes that would lead customers to purchase your products if they enjoyed the experience with your brand during your promotion.

You need to do this work throughout your sweepstakes or contest to keep participants engaged and on the lookout for updates from your brand.

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