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What Is Contest Management?

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Contest management services, also called contest administration, is a process where an administrator or manager works with you and on your behalf to manage your contest promotion for your brand.

Results from contests can vary widely, but frequently contests run by brands create user-generated content, grow your social media follow, generate potential customer lists, and boost customer sales.

Contest management can be an excellent solutions for brands looking to run contests on an ongoing basis.

If you want to run contests for your brand with a high value prize or one that involve hundreds or thousands of participants, you should consider contest management services.

Why Hire Professional Social Media Contest Management Services?

A contest management solution can significantly reduce the chances of a failed promotion that doesn’t attract participants but eats up your budget.

It’s not a good outcome for either party and brands who don’t get results on the first run are unlikely to consider a contest again.

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As a result, a contest manager will do as much as possible to ensure that your contest administration experience goes smoothly and impacts your brand in a positive way.

Having a contest manager help you manage your contest frees up your company’s resources and gives you access to contest legal experts that most brands do not have in-house.

Contest Management Pros and Cons

The biggest potential benefits of professional contest management are:

  1. Significantly improved ROI of your contest campaign
  2. Get contest participants faster
  3. Help with designing your contest for your target audience.

However, weigh the benefits of contest management against potential cons:

  • Legal issues
  • Potential shutdown of your contest by a regulator

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Contest Management And Contest Administration Companies

1. DIY or Professional Contest Management Company? Although some marketers may decide to run a contest on their own, it requires time and expertise that are best performed by a professional contest administrator.

Only work with a contest management firm that can help you from start to finish.

There are many firms that will provide you with an initial consultation so that you can determine if their contest management services are right for your needs.

What Contest Marketing Services Do You Need?

It’s essential to provide as many details as possible about your contest idea so that the quote is accurate as possible.

There are many benefits to choosing a professional contest management company that can help you ensure compliance with contest laws to get you the results you’re looking for.

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2. Reputable Contest Management Companies. It’s critical to find a contest management company with experience that translates into successful promotions with increased sales and engagement.

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To find a reputable contest management company, look to see if they are affiliated with the American Marketing Association (AMA).

The AMA has strict codes of conduct and monitors its members for compliance with FTC regulations. Also look for reviews about the contest marketing company and on business review sites.

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