Best Sweepstakes Management Platform

We'll help you find the best sweepstakes management company for your promotion. Here is the information you need to compare the different sweepstakes management platforms and find the best fit for your promotion.

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How to Find the Best Sweepstakes Management Company

Running a sweepstakes and need sweepstakes management? Trying to figure out which is the best sweepstakes platform?

Sweepsify has researched the top sweepstakes management companies to help you find a sweepstakes provider that fits your promotion.

In addition to detailed articles about each company’s product, we have also put together essential sweepstakes marketing tips.

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We’ll give you everything you need to make side-by-side comparisons of the different sweepstakes management platforms.


  • The best sweepstakes management platforms all have different features.
  • Don’t only get a quote from one sweepstakes management company. Shop around to find the best offer for your promotion.
  • Review our articles to get a snapshot of the top sweepstakes management platforms.

Not all sweepstakes management platforms are the same. Some specialize in only handling certain steps of sweepstakes promotions and others in full-service sweepstakes management.

We have provided you with the information to compare these companies based on features, cost, and more.

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In general, sweepstakes management platforms offer sweepstakes and contests for brands in many industries including alcohol sweepstakes, winery sweepstakes, brewery sweepstakes, cannabis sweepstakes, subscription box sweepstakes, nonprofit sweepstakes, Shopify sweepstakes, CPG sweepstakes, and more.

What’s best for your brand may not be best for another company. Your sweepstakes management platform should have:

  • The best features you find in the marketplace
  • Affordable costs
  • A great reputation

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Best Sweepstakes Management Platforms – Quick Comparison

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For more information about sweepstakes management companies, read more articles here on Sweepsify:

Compare Sweepstakes Management Quotes

Whatever type of brand you are, if you’re looking for the best sweepstakes company for your situation, then you need to request quotes.

Use Sweepsify to find out which sweepstakes management companies are available to you for a promotion like yours.

Then speak to more than one sweepstakes management firm to compare quotes and ongoing costs, and also to hear about the features each platform provides and get answers to your questions.

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