Sweepstakes Laws Overview

This article explains what a sweepstakes is and what sweepstakes laws apply to sweepstakes promotions.

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In the United States, there are sweepstakes laws that apply to sweepstakes. These laws forbid you from requiring a purchase to enter a sweepstakes.

All sweepstakes must also have official rules that define the contract between the sweepstakes sponsor and participants.

What Is a Sweepstakes?

A sweepstakes is a game of chance in which prizes are given away for free to eligible participants. Winners in a sweepstakes are selected at random.


  • What sweepstakes laws apply to sweepstakes and contests?
  • Do sweepstakes laws differ by state?
  • How do you run a legal sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes must be free to enter with no purchase or consideration necessary per U.S. laws.

A sweepstakes is different from a contest because a contest is a game of skill.

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Sweepstakes Laws

Launching a sweepstakes or contest can be tricky. Sweepsify makes it easier to run a sweepstakes or contest. Learn what sweepstakes laws may apply to your promotion.

Find out how to budget for complying with sweepstakes laws.

Check out sweepstakes companies that can help you with sweepstakes laws compliance so that you can choose the best sweepstakes or contest management solution that best fits your brand’s needs.

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Learn More About Sweepstakes Laws

Sweepstakes Laws By State

Learning the sweepstakes and contest laws that apply to your sweepstakes is extremely important.

If your sweepstakes is open to residents in multiple states, you are required to comply with the sweepstakes laws of all of those jurisdictions.

This will increase the minimum budget needed to run a sweepstakes that complies with all of the state and local sweepstakes laws.

Choose between the budget option to get help with drafting your official rules and ROI-boosting full-service sweepstakes and contest management.

Learn about how to ensure that your promotion follows U.S. sweepstakes laws and get a sweepstakes quote today.

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Learn More About Sweepstakes Laws by State Rules

If you plan to offer a sweepstakes or contest to participants to give away free prizes, and you want to make sure that your sweepstakes is legal, then have a sweepstakes laws review done.

A sweepstakes administrator or lawyer can help you understand how sweepstakes laws apply to your promotion.

Sweepsify will make sure you’ve covered all of the steps for a legal sweepstakes, and help you link up with sweepstakes and contest companies.

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Learn More About Running a Legal Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Law Rules

Thousands of brands have already taken advantage of sweepstakes companies for help with sweepstakes law rules.

If you are unsure about sweepstakes laws and whether you have covered everything important in your official rules, then request a free sweepstakes law rules review.

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Learn More About Sweepstakes Law Rules

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