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Learn how a sweepstakes platform allows you to manage your sweepstakes promotions from start to finish. Sweepstakes platforms are tools for brands that want to make sure that their sweepstakes promotions run smoothly.

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Sweepsify makes it easy for you to find a sweepstakes platform. Complete the details by selecting information about your promotion, sweepstakes budget, and when you plan for it to go live.

You will receive a number of sweepstakes company quotes to choose from.

Simply continue by selecting a sweepstakes platform and then work directly with the companies that appear in the results to obtain your quote for sweepstakes management.


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What is a Sweepstakes Platform?

A sweepstakes platform is a service that allows you to manage your sweepstakes promotion from start to finish in one place.

You will be able to create entry pages, manage participants, send messages, and much more all with one tool.

A sweepstakes platform is useful for a number of reasons.

The fact that you don’t have to use multiple tools to track your promotion or worry about finding any files that you need to relaunch old sweepstakes promotions on a new date is very useful.

The primary factor that makes brands choose a sweepstakes platform to work with is because they are seeing an ROI from sweepstakes and want to make sure that their promotions always run smoothly.

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However, you shouldn’t feel compelled to stay with a sweepstakes platform because your files are stored there.

Always look to achieve better ROI from your promotions.

Sweepsify provides brands with the info they need when considering sweepstakes platform quotes.

Learn More about Sweepstakes Platforms

Sweepstakes platforms vary. The main factors are the cost and the features.

Other factors may include data management capabilities and the amount that you have to spend upfront for set up.

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Some sweepstakes platforms have special features built-in, such as social media contests, for example.

Sweepsify offers these tips to help you find the best sweepstakes platform available.

Sweepstakes Platform Quotes

Full-service sweepstakes administration with a sweepstakes platform leads to the best results when it comes to sweepstakes success. This is because this setup combines two of the best tools available to brands running promotions.

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A sweepstakes platform will also be able to provide proof of ROI from sweepstakes.

As the debate between sweepstakes platforms vs full-sweepstakes administration heats up, brands will also find that many sweepstakes companies offer customization options.

This allows brands to get the exact mix of services and sweepstakes tools that they need to create the best results.

What Is a Sweepstakes Platform Administrator?

Sweepstakes administrators are responsible for managing sweepstakes promotions.

They use their experience combined with the power of a sweepstakes platform to design exactly how the sweepstakes will work from the entry forms to winner selection and prize fulfillment.

A sweepstakes platform administrator is sometimes called by another name, such as sweepstakes platform manager, sweepstakes agency manager, or sweepstakes fulfillment company administrator.

Can I Use a Sweepstakes Platform Myself?

If you want to do a sweepstakes on your own, most sweepstakes platform allow you to.

However, make sure that your brand has the expertise needed to effectively plan and execute a sweepstakes without the help of a sweepstakes administrator.

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Before requesting a sweepstakes platform quote, make sure that you full understand the pros and cons of DIY sweepstakes.

Which Type of Sweepstakes Platform Is Best for Me?

Sweepstakes platforms come in all shapes and sizes, including these factors: storage, security, integrations, fixed versus variable platform license and campaign costs, design and styles, tracking, and more.

For more information, check out more Sweepsify articles about sweepstakes.

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