Contest Administration

This article explains the different ways in which contest administration can help you get better results from your contests.

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Do you need contest administration?

An important first step in achieving a successful contest is to understand the different ways in which contest administration helps you get better results.

Contests are more popular than ever as influencers and brands use them to engage with followers. While many brands aim to create successful contests, some of them don’t succeed.


  • Do you need contest administration?
  • What to consider in my contest administration budget?
  • What can a contest administrator help with?

Poor planning, unexpected post-launch events, and a lack of focus on campaign KPIs mean that some contests don’t get the results they should.

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Factor in a lack of contest law experience and running a contest in-house rapidly becomes a challenging task.

How to Find Contest Administration

Start by thinking about what you want the outcome of your contest to be, how much you can budget, and the ongoing requirements for contest administration.

You can start with the contest management Calculator tool.

Contest Administration Considerations

  • Total costs
  • Monthly costs
  • Impact on brand (sales, reach, engagement)
  • Legal compliance

Comparing Contest Administration Options

It’s hard to compare contest administration options since every company is unique. Some contest administrators require that brands work on the design with them, while others only real handle the technique aspects of creating a contest.

If you do your homework, then you’ll be able to find the right contest administration solution for your unique promotion.

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A Few Contest Administration Tips

1. Outsource contest judging. Unlike sweepstakes, contests are a game of skill in which the winner is selected according to specific criteria defined for a winning contest entry.

One typical strategy for judging a contest is to hire a company to perform this task for you to ensure that there is no contest fraud and that the winner is in fact eligible to win the contest.

2. Choose a type of contest. Contest administration starts with creating a promotion so you will need to decide what your audience might like.

Whether your audience prefers a social media contest, writing contest or photography contest, contests should be personalized to the customers that you want to reach.

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Generally, once the planning stage of the contest is complete, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of results when working with a contest administration.

3. Need urgent contest administration? If you’re running out of time and need help with contest rules writing, a contest administration is the best solution for your needs.

They will help you cover all of the steps, such as registration and bonding. It’s too easy to miss an important step without having an expert contest administrator available to assist you.

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