Sweepsify: A Brand Story Ch 3

sweepsify a brand story ch 3

The official page for Chapter 3 – Sweepsify: A Brand Story and the legend of #twentywo.

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The 3rd chapter of Sweepsify: A Brand Story is here…

Sweepsify: A Brand Story Ch 3: Sweepstakes & Contests

You’re on the inside now!

Watch Chapter 3 – Sweepsify: A Brand Story and you’ll learn:

That it’s not just about your sweepstakes platform or sweepstakes company if you want to maximize ROI from sweepstakes, contests and raffles!

Find out how it all comes together and what you should be doing now if you want your sweepstakes, contest or raffle to deliver unlimited traffic.

Want to run sweepstakes, contests, and raffles that drive maximum ROI? Build your MarTech stack first!

Follow us on #twentytwo and watch it all unfold live.

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