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Sweepsify empowers marketers to find and engage with martech tools, industry leaders, craft and distribute brand stories, and create an ongoing evergreen resource for connecting with their client base.

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Our MarTech_Daily marketing newsletter is designed to provide insights on strategy, software, and services to C-suite & marketing professionals.

With Sweepsify, your brand will be able to connect like never before thanks to our extensive network of tools and marketing resources.

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MarTech_Daily marketing newsletter in a snapshot:

Targets: Every Sweepsify article and MarTech_Daily newsletter is targeted to specific keywords selected by our expert marketing staff. Clients are able to further target key decision makers within geographical, company profile, and industry vertical solutions.

Media reach: Our network is rapidly expanding to reach 100s of content delivery networks, blogs and social platforms. Unlike other newsletters, our MarTech_Daily newsletter consists of only active monthly users curated specifically for B2B contact details.

Country reach: Our network expands to the United States and Canada and includes 100s of sweepstakes, contest, and raffle management services and platforms.

Sweepstakes law, gaming law, and sweepstakes and contest administration and legal services are also within our network.

Digital Discovery: Sweepsify leads the industry in driving organic search traffic for greater visibility for our partners and sponsored content.

Social media reach: Sweepsify supports social media distribution for our content and select affiliate partners and sponsors across all leading social platforms including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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June 15, 2024

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