Sweepstakes Administration Questions for Marketers

Learn what a sweepstakes administrator does, how sweepstakes administration works, and how a sweepstakes company can help you run successful sweepstakes campaigns.

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Whether it’s online, in the mail, in a text message or mobile app, sweepstakes administration can help you manage your entrants wherever they may be. Professional sweepstakes administration helps brands from Fortune 500, to regional brands, B2C, and B2B with sweepstakes. Keeping up with sweepstakes legal compliance, generating traffic, improving the customer experience or simply managing your sweepstakes website, a sweepstakes company has a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Sweepstakes Administration and Marketing Promotions Tools for Successful Giveaway Execution

Read on to learn about what goes into sweepstakes administration for successful sweepstakes or contest, the legal compliance involved, why you should trust a sweepstakes company, and how to use sweepstakes administration and management to scale your results and improve your brand’s reach and reputation.


  • What is sweepstakes administration?
  • How does a sweepstakes work?
  • Is sweepstakes management trustworthy?
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Sweepstakes Administration Improves Customer Acquisition and Brand Awareness

Sweepstakes are one of the best ways to collect customer data for brands. All aspects of a sweepstakes generate valuable first-party data, such as when participants enter for a chance to win a prize. Sweepstakes are ideal for lead generation by collecting opt-ins. However, a program can be tailored to meet any of the sweepstakes and promotional marketing objectives of the brand.

6 Popular Types of Sweepstakes

  • Purchased-based
  • Quick pick
  • Social media contest
  • Appstakes
  • Text to win / SMS sweepstakes
  • Social hashtag contest

With a sweepstakes marketing strategy, brands are able to incorporate sweepstakes games, instant win, text to win, SMS giveaways and other offline, online, and mobile promotions, such as a contest that will help to drive participation, engagement, and customer loyalty. A sweepstakes company may also provide winner management including prize procurement and trip management.

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A sweepstakes company will help marketers to select the right social media hashtags, SMS sweepstakes, By delivering an omnichannel strategy that includes a variety of sweepstakes campaigns, brands can maximize sweepstakes ROI.

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Brands Choose Sweepstakes Administration for a Reason

Online, social media, mobile, and offline sweepstakes and contests are some of the most popular promotions for brands. For sweepstakes and contest administration, brands turn to a sweepstakes company to help with legal compliance as well as digital development and prize fulfillment. Professional expertise is needed for sweepstakes, instant win games, and contests.

Sweepstakes management and sweepstakes administration help brands maximize ROI in these marketing objectives:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Social media follower growth
  • Email subscriber list building
  • SMS marketing / Text message list building
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
  • First-person data acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Media buying strategy optimization

Tools to Manage Your Sweepstakes Administration

Sweepstakes administration generates tons of data that you need to manage and organize. In addition to this, you also need to keep track of entries and submissions for your sweepstakes or contests. A sweepstakes platform will provide you with the tools that you need to export entries, select winners at random, allow users to vote (for contests), provide winner notification and announcement, moderation for submissions, and much more. Without these tools it’s much harder for you to build targeted customer lists by identifying customer segments among participants. Let a sweepstakes administrator help organize your promotion.

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Build Your Sweepstakes Strategy With Recurring Sweepstakes

Hiring a sweepstakes company now to assist you with sweepstakes administration for your instant win, text to win, or social media giveaway will allow you to tap into a pool of engaged fans and customers regularly. With participants signing up again and again to win, you’ll be able to scale up your promotions and build customer loyalty.

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Recurring sweepstakes take on many forms and may include gamification and interactive elements such as branded spin-to-win, scratch-to-win, video and 3D animations. A valuable, high-ticket sweepstakes prize is typically used to help attract participants. On the other hand, an instant win or text to win can help to generate increased gratification.

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Is Sweepstakes Administration Trustworthy?

Working with a sweepstakes company for sweepstakes administration and management is critical because sweepstakes involve personally identifiable information (PII). As a result, a sweepstakes company recognizes that their clients are trusting them to protect both the brand’s reputation and their customers.

This is paramount as brands want to ensure that sweepstakes administration done by a sweepstakes company will provide top-notch security and protection. A reputable sweepstakes company will also help ensure that your brand’s promotion follows all applicable consumer privacy and data collection laws.

All online sweepstakes and contests should be built on sweepstakes platforms that have the security standards certification for an information security management system (ISMS). This falls under the International Information Security Standard (ISO 27001).


Sweepstakes Administration That You Can Trust to Manage Your Promotions

On the other side, consumers need to be able to trust your digital sweepstakes promotions. Running a fair and legal sweepstakes is complex for just about any brand to manage in house. Legal compliance for a sweepstakes requires sweepstakes administrators who have many years of experience in managing sweepstakes, contests, and other types of giveaway promotions.

Here are some of the legal compliance services typically provided as a part of sweepstakes administration:

  • Sweepstakes official rules writing
  • COPPA, TPCA, CAN-SPAM, Data collection, FTC compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Registration and bonding
  • Sweepstakes winner drawing and notification
  • Prize indemnity insurance
  • General insurance coverage
  • Analytics tracking and reporting
  • Secure management of PII
  • Game piece printing, security, and placement
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However, the exact aspects of the sweepstakes administration that you allow a sweepstakes company to handle on behalf of your brand, depends on your needs. Request a free consultation to find out about the customization options for sweepstakes administration.

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Sweepstakes Administration Capabilities At Scale

Another reason to avoid doing sweepstakes in house, is that a sweepstakes company helps brands to get results at scale. By leveraging valuable insights across campaigns, a sweepstakes company allows your brand to benefit from their legal compliance advice, prizing and rewards network. With the administrative processed handled on your behalf, you can focus on what’s important. Delighting your customers!

Sweepstakes administration includes a variety of marketing consulting, legal compliance, creative design, and technical development that brands may leverage to design their promotions. One of the main benefits of using a sweepstakes platform is that a sweepstakes company can host and manage the sweepstakes entry form or brand website.

Free Advertisement Maker with Templates

Canva lets you create eye-catching advertisements with their free ad maker. Customize your sweepstakes, contest, or raffle ads with trending images, fonts, and high quality design assets.


With customized services, a marketing consulting company can help you integrate your sweepstakes management apps with your existing martech stack. This will allow you to drive deep audience insights and optimize your business strategy to achieve your marketing objectives.

Note about raffles: If your giveaway plan includes cause marketing or fundraising, then your promotion can not be handled by a sweepstakes company. Instead, you should find a raffle company to assist you. A raffle to raise funds is considered as gambling in all instances outside of state exemptions for registered nonprofit and charitable organizations.

Achieve Your Marketing Objectives With Sweepstakes Administration

Sweepsify helps you identify the best ways to connect with your customers through sweepstakes and contests by providing you insights on sweepstakes administration, sweepstakes management, and actionable marketing tips to help you drive more participants and leads for your brand.

Looking for a sweepstakes company to help you with your next promotion? Sweepsify helps you find top sweepstakes companies in seconds. Create your free Premium account now to get started.