Which Sweepstakes Prizes Work Best for Instant Win Games?

This article explains what an instant win game is and what sweepstakes prizes attract participants to your instant win promotion. Use this information to create an instant win promotion that is both popular and successful.

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With instant win games, the sweepstakes prizes are what attract participants to your sweepstakes. Don’t know what sweepstakes prizes to give away in an instant win promotion? Note that a valuable sweepstakes prize doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many affordable instant win prize ideas.

Read on to learn how instant win sweepstakes work, what instant win prizes attract the most participants, and the most popular and best instant win prize ideas.


  • What is an instant win?
  • What are some good instant win prizes?
  • What instant win prizes can you give away virtually?


What Is an Instant Win Sweepstakes?

An instant win sweepstakes, or instant win game, is a promotional drawing in which prizes are given away at no charge to the participants with the winner being notified of the outcome immediately after playing the game. Instant win games are sweepstakes that typically give away many small prizes to multiple winners.


Why Do People Enter Instant Win Games Online?

Instant win games are a hit with consumers because they feature multiple sweepstakes prizes. Rather than entering to win a single grand prize, consumers would rather enter a sweepstakes to win a small prize, such as a coupon or discount, than nothing at all.

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Sweepstakes aggregators make instant win games easy to find, allowing sweepers to enter multiple sweepstakes per day. Submitting your instant win sweepstakes to the top sites that maintain current lists of instant win games will help more participants to find your sweepstakes.

Instant win games are exciting for your audience because they can share their wins immediately on social media. People also love instant win games because they feel that they have better odds of becoming sweepstakes winners because there are usually hundreds or thousands of instant winners instead of one.

An instant win game can create huge excitement among your fans. An instant win promotion also delivers a high engagement rate and a uniform customer experience to all participants.

What Is the Perfect Instant Win Prize?

A good instant win prize attracts more participants while a bad prize brings poor results. A good instant win prize has these features:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Unique or exclusive
  • Immediately redeemable / usable
  • Solves a problem for your customers

The best instant win prizes are the ones that appeal to your audience and make it easy and affordable for you to do prize fulfillment.


What Are the Typical Giveaway Prizes for an Instant Win?

There are unlimited options for both affordable small prizes for an instant win and valuable high ticket grand prizes. The following is a list of prize ideas for your instant win:

Instant Win Small Prize Ideas

Most instant win sweepstakes feature many small prizes with a chance to win a high value grand prize. The small prizes are typically given away to hundreds or thousands of participants. Typical instant win small prizes include:

  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Free product or trial (not permitted in some regulated industries)
  • Merch and accessories
  • Gift cards
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Instant Win Grand Prize Ideas

While the small prizes allow participants to enjoy the excitement of winning instantly, grand prizes keep them coming back to for more entries and chances to win. A grand prize needs to be should be distinct enough in value from the small prizes, such that entrants will find it worthwhile to share your promotion while accumulating multiple sweepstakes entries.

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Examples of instant win gaming grand prizes:

  • Vacations
  • Trips to events such as concerts and festivals
  • Free event tickets
  • Large cash prizes

Regardless of whether your instant win game has grand prizes, all sweepstakes prizes should have perceived high value in the eyes of your participants and customers. This will help to maximize the number of participants in your promotion.


Should You Give Away Cash in an Instant Win?

Gift cards work well as prizes and are basically the same as cash in an instant win. Cash prizing allows your sweepstakes to appeal to a larger audience. Whether you choose a unique prize that makes your sweepstakes memorable versus cash will depend on the goals of your campaign.

The best combination is always to give away multiple types of prizes in an instant win game. Then when a participant enters your promotion and receive an entry into a grand prize draw, they will have something to look forward to and get excited about.

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While experience prizes generally outperform cash and gift cards when it comes to attracting participants, it’s important to consider your overall budget for your promotion. Don’t make your instant win participants feel shortchanged if they win a prize because your budget is limited. There are many options for affordable prizes that a prize fulfillment service can recommend.


What Are Some Examples of Instant Win Prizes That Attract Attention?

The instant win sweepstakes prizes that attract the most participants to an instant win are the ones that are both valuable and appear to have better odds of winning. Coveted instant win prize ideas include:

  • E-gift cards
  • Pre-launch product
  • Free product or service from your brand
  • Discount to a conference or tradeshow

Instant win games can be designed by a sweepstakes company to be relatively affordable. This allows you to test out multiple sweepstakes prizes with your audience in order to determine which prizes perform the best.

Whether your instant win game consists of a spin to win, scratch off, match game or something else, your fans will get a rush of excitement from playing them. So make sure that you choose the right instant win prizes to attract participants to play to win!

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