Here’s Why Sweepstakes Marketing Should Be Top Priority in Your Promotions Strategy

sweepsify heres why sweepstakes marketing should be top priority in your promotions strategy
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Sweepstakes are one of the most popular types of successful promotions, which means that sweepstakes marketing needs to be top priority in your promotions strategy.


Why Is Sweepstakes Marketing So Important for Brands?

If more brands knew the power of sweepstakes, they would run them more often. Let’s take a look at the benefits of successful sweepstakes for brands:


Sweepstakes bring viral traffic which leads to sales. This engagement produces results. In addition by running a sweepstakes on a monthly or annual basis, you can create a ready-made source of leads and autopilot sales for your business.

Customers will come to expect your sweepstakes promotions and will gladly share them with their friends.


For brands who are using sweepstakes to boost engagement on social media, sweepstakes encourages social sharing. With sweepstakes, you’ll be able to tap into your customers’ social network.

Through word of mouth marketing, these customers will share your sweepstakes promotion and your brand with those around them.

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Easy to Enter

Sweepstakes don’t take a lot of work to enter unlike a contest. As a result, all your sweepstakes participants will need to do is type their contact information into a simple entry form.

The less time it takes to sign up, the more sweepstakes participants you can expect to receive, which is perfect for building your list!

Run Multiple Giveaways

For ecommerce and media brands, it’s not uncommon to see brands run multiple sweepstakes at the same time. As long as you work with a sweepstakes company to ensure that your promotion is compliant with all applicable sweepstakes laws, you can run as many sweepstakes as you like.

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People Love Sweepstakes

Who doesn’t want a chance to win free stuff? Everyone loves sweepstakes so all you have to do is tap into your audience to find out what they want in a sweepstakes.

Free Ad Maker for Social Media and Video Advertising

Create awesome ads for your sweepstakes or contest in seconds with the Adobe Express free ad maker. Customize your advertising by including trending images, high impact fonts, and high quality design assets. Create your ads now.


Then work with a sweepstakes company to launch your sweepstakes and you’ll have a winning promotion. Sweepstakes can build you an email and/or text list, grow your social media, and bring you sales all at the same time!


Next Steps

Now that you know the benefits of sweepstakes marketing, the next step is to plan and launch your next promotion!

Looking for a sweepstakes marketing company to help you with your next promotion? Sweepsify helps you find top sweepstakes companies in seconds. Create your free Premium account now to get started.

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