How to Choose the Right Tools for Sweepstakes or Contest Marketing

sweepsify how to choose the right tools for sweepstakes or contest marketing
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Sweepstakes or contest marketing grows your business at lighting speed by allowing you to tap into the viral nature of online marketing.

One of the best things you can do to maximize your results from a sweepstakes is to put as much effort as possible into your promotion.

To help you get started, here are some tips on how to choose the right tools for sweepstakes or contest marketing.


  • How to make your sweepstakes more effective with viral sharing
  • What features should a contest marketing app offer?
  • How to find the sweepstakes audience with buyer traffic


Announce Your Sweepstakes Via the Right Tools for Viral Sharing

You need to be sure that you properly announce your sweepstakes via the channels that are most likely to help your sweepstakes go viral.

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For large brands, this might involve running a commercial during a big sports event. For smaller brands, influencers can be highly effective at getting the word out.

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Contest or Sweepstakes Marketing App Features to Look for

The key to selecting the right marketing tools? A sweepstakes or contest marketing platform needs to offer the following:

  • Effectively reach all of your existing customers and sales prospects.
  • Allow your brand to be seen widely by an audience that is not yet familiar with your brand.
  • Create terms and conditions that encompass the full scope of your campaign and make sure these terms are covered in your official rules.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find everything you need in one tool. As a result, it’s best to just look out for these features and make sure together your marketing technology stack provides all of them.

The key is to make your sweepstakes accessible and as to enter as possible with you also able to analyze deep insights about your audience.

Make Sure You Are Marketing to the Right Audience

In order to get fast and effective results, you need to make sure that your sweepstakes strategy matches the audience that you want to target.

Here are a few questions a sweepstakes administrator will ask you when designing your sweepstakes or contest marketing:

  • Does this audience contain potential customers?
  • What sweepstakes prizes might they be interested in winning?
  • What kind of follow-up promotions can you offer after the sweeps ends?

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Consider Sweepstakes Participants Throughout the Entire Sales Funnel

Running an effective sweepstakes or contest marketing campaign that delivers long term results requires that you continue to nurture the sweepstakes leads well after your sweepstakes or contest ends.

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Use email automation, chatbots, and survey apps to reach sweepstakes participants who have already entered your promotion with follow-up messages.


Invite Past Sweepstakes Participants to Your Next Promotions

As you do this, don’t forget to invite the sweepstakes participants who engaged with your promotion to enter again for another chance to win a free prize.

If you run daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sweepstakes, this will give you a ready list of participants to kick off the announcement of every new sweepstakes that you run.

You need to target an audience that is willing to engage with your brand and may actually convert to buyer traffic. The success of a sweepstakes or contest marketing campaign almost exclusively depends on how appealing your promotion is to your core audience.

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