How to Increase Engagement With Sweepstakes: Your Sweepstakes Marketing Checklist

sweepsify how to increase engagement with sweepstakes your launch marketing checklist
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Sweepstakes marketing is very effective for driving viral traffic and turning it into leads and sales.

If a sweepstakes is properly designed and implemented by a sweepstakes company, the result is increased engagement from your audience.

Sweepstakes are effective for increasing brand recognition and can help you reach new audiences.

If you’re wondering how to adopt a contest or sweepstakes marketing strategy that consistently deliver results, follow this launch marketing checklist.

sweepsify how to increase engagement with sweepstakes your launch marketing checklist

Download the Sweepstakes Marketing Checklist to Increase Engagement

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1. Promote Your Sweepstakes or Contest

Your sweepstakes or contest shouldn’t be hidden away or left for customers to find as a single post on your website or social media. Instead, give your sweepstakes or contest marketing the chance to go viral by promoting it everywhere your audience is online.

It just makes sense. If a visitor came to your website or social media page to learn about your brand, there’s a good chance that they’ll be interested in a chance to win a prize for free with your sweepstakes.

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This can be especially impactful if you make sure that all of your marketing channels are equally promoting your sweepstakes.


2. Use Ad Retargeting

Many marketers are using retargeting campaigns to reduce churn and shopping cart abandonment, but what about your sweepstakes, contest or giveaway promotion?

Sweepstakes participants are customers too. Attract them to sign up for your sweepstakes and you’ll be rewarded with a sales boost.

Using a comprehensive sweepstakes platform will help you manage your sweepstakes so that you can accurate track your results in real-time to prove the ROI.

3. Pin Your Sweepstakes Marketing Promotion on Twitter Profile and Instagram Bio

Pinning your sweepstakes promotion to your Twitter profile and Instagram Bio are two fast and easy ways to ensure that your entire audience sees your Tweets promoting your sweepstakes.

You might be surprised to see how much traffic your sweepstakes or contest entry form receives from this. By adding hashtags and including custom designed creatives for your promotion, you’ll have the best chance of going viral. This is an easy free win for traffic.

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4. Mention the Sweepstakes Sponsors

That’s right, don’t forget to mention your brand, the sweepstakes sponsor, and any co-sponsors in every post. While advertising your sweepstakes shouldn’t mean shameless self-promotion, it will help your brand to stand out especially among sweepstakes entrants who are just learning about your company.


5. Show Potential Customers How Your Brand Delivers Value

If you want to convert your sweepstakes participants to customers, you also need to take the additional step of highlighting what your company does. Demonstrate what your company stands for and make sure all your advertising for your sweepstakes sells that message.

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You’ll be surprised at how much more engagement you’ll get from these posts rather than the standard “Enter to Win” sweepstakes marketing messages.

Free Ad Maker for Social Media and Video Advertising

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Hire a Sweepstakes Company Administrator

A good sweepstakes company can advise you on the best practices for social media sweepstakes, handle the legal compliance requirements, manage prize fulfillment, manage winner verification and notification, entry form development and hosting, and more.

By working with a sweepstakes administrator, you’ll be able to focus on your business and take advantage of other marketing tools to increase your ROI even further from your sweepstakes.


Final Thoughts on Sweepstakes Marketing for Brands

To build a large email or SMS list from a sweepstakes or contest, you need to bring value to your target audience and get them excited about your promotion. Get hyper-specific about why your sweepstakes or contest is awesome and why customers love your brand.

Paint the picture of what it would be like to enjoy a vacation in Tahiti, brand new car or limited edition branded merch. When you make them stop and smile instead of keep scrolling, you’ll have achieved your goal of increasing engagement.

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