Ring In the New Year With Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023

This article is designed to help you understand the key trends and opportunities for sweepstakes marketing in 2023.

ring in the new year with sweepstakes marketing in 2023 blog title
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Sweepstakes marketing in 2023 success requires more from brands as sweepstakes are more influential than ever now. With brands using automation to scale their marketing, sweepstakes marketing has the potential to completely change how customers view a brand in a short period of time.

Successful sweepstakes marketing requires that brands embrace both creativity and martech. But, how can brands also go about delivering even more value in their sweepstakes marketing in 2023 to keep consumers engaged?

Ring In the New Year With Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023.

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ring in the new year with sweepstakes marketing in 2023 blog title

To unlock exactly how brands can succeed with sweepstakes marketing in 2023, we’re sharing key learnings to help guide your giveaway marketing strategy in 2023.


  • What is the future of sweepstakes marketing?
  • What should a sweepstakes marketing in 2023 plan include?
  • What is a good sweepstakes campaign in 2023?

New Year Sweepstakes Campaigns

Once the flurry of the holidays have passed, it’s usually time for brands to start planning for the next ones. With so much effort put into 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways, brands now have the data they need to understand holiday shoppers and keep them engaged in the new year.

A new year is the time to bring in new customers and fans

Evaluate the metrics of your BFCM promotions and holiday marketing campaigns to get an idea of what is working now. Use this information to build your next giveaway marketing campaigns.

You can also use this new influx of data to set new sweepstakes marketing goals. Reflect on what worked well this year your giveaway marketing and how it can be improved.

It’s time for a change in 2023

Use a New Year’s contest or sweepstakes to unveil the new direction that your sweepstakes marketing in 2023 will take. If that’s too soon, plan to use next season to give the brand’s promotions a refreshing twist.

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Storytelling, user-generated content (UGC), leveraging digital creators, improved campaign user experience across devices, and personalization are just a few of the ways brands can delight sweepstakes participants in 2023.


Leverage Trends for Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023

Here are some trends for sweepstakes marketing in 2023 to leverage:

1. Digital creators play a larger role in sweepstakes marketing in 2023.

2. Storytelling becomes a useful targeting tool for sweepstakes.

3. More brands leverage automation to nurture sweepstakes participants.

4. Interactive content becomes more ingrained in sweepstakes promotions.

5. Gaining a competitive edge becomes critical for brands.

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The Rise of Digital Creators

While influencer marketing has ruled social media marketing for years as the preferred tool of brands to connect with consumers, a new segment is rising in 2023: digital creators.

A digital creator creates content that gets people to engage with products or services. These creators create how-to-guides, a-day-in-the-life, tutorials and other content for platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Unlike influencers, digital creators don’t sell merch or have people that follow them specifically for their personalities or lifestyles. Instead, these content creators intent is to gain a large following around their interests in specific topics.

Sweepstakes marketing in 2023 at scale will require that brands incorporate the use of digital creators in their marketing efforts in order to create customized content that will effectively target their audience. Furthermore, the trust factor among younger audiences and influencers has sharply declined with 52% of millennials stating that they don’t trust influencers at all.

Influencers have created significant legal issues for brands in 2022 as well as a result of numerous failures to comply with applicable advertising laws. A study found that just 11% of influencers are in compliance with FTC advertising guidelines.


Storytelling and Branding for Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023

One-off sweepstakes campaigns are no longer enough to keep fans engaged over the long term. Instead, sweepstakes marketing in 2023, that embraces both storytelling and branding for the giveaway marketing itself will provide highly effective at inspiring audiences. It will give them reasons other than the chance to win a prize for free to share your giveaway marketing content.

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Storytelling for sweepstakes, contests and raffles also helps to humanize your brand and make fans and customers more aware of the nuances of your brand story. Furthermore, your brand doesn’t have to be the one telling the story. UGC sweepstakes and contest campaigns allow your brand to craft the story themselves, further maximizing the appeal of your promotions.

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Automation Drives At-scale Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023

The best sweepstakes marketing in 2023 is omnichannel marketing. While this variety gives sweepstakes participants multiple opportunities to engage with brands, it also creates a challenge for brands. Furthermore, sweepstakes laws require that brands deliver a seamless customer experience to all participants that will not impact the odds of winning in any way.

This is why automation is one of the biggest trends of sweepstakes marketing in 2023. Not only does mobile marketing automation and personalized email automation enable scalable sweepstakes promotions, it also ensures that brands deliver legally compliant sweepstakes.


Interactive content for brand touchpoints in sweepstakes and contests

Static content is no longer the content that sweepstakes participants want. Sweepstakes marketing in 2023 demands that brands develop dynamic, interactive experiences that encourage participants to engage with a sweepstakes campaign beyond simply clicking the like button or completing an entry form.

Some examples of interactive content for sweepstakes:

  • Scratch-and-win games
  • Spin-to-win wheels
  • Games
  • Trivia
  • Interactive videos
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality

Not only does this content increase the shareability of a sweepstakes campaign, it also helps to increase leads, conversions and customer loyalty. And with the rise of martech tools to meet the demand, it’s now easier than ever to streamline the customer experience for these interactive experiences.


More brands will prioritize gaining a competitive edge

With 89% of marketers planning to create social responsibility content in 2023, it’s clear that the consumer opinions are increasingly shaping brands’ marketing efforts.

Not only do consumers expect brands to be more thoughtful in their social interactions, they expect brands to be personalized to their needs. To gain a competitive edge in 2023 and beyond brands should play to their competitive strengths while using sweepstakes marketing to demonstrate their capabilities.

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Final Tips for Better Sweepstakes Marketing in 2023

Marketers should plan to place more effort into sweepstakes marketing in 2023 with sweepstakes and contests becoming a larger part of their overall marketing strategy. As sweepstakes martech continues to evolve, the most successful brands understand that sweepstakes marketing in 2023 is all about having the right tools to engage your target audience.

To that end, better sweepstakes marketing in 2023 requires the following:

Tip 1: Moving away from relying only on all-in-one sweepstakes platforms or single giveaway tools that make sweepstakes “easy” for brands. Brands should de-center their reliance on sweepstakes tools that don’t allow them to maximize customer experience. The best sweepstakes marketing in 2023 is agile. It transcends the giveaway template and is onmichannel.

That said, brands always need to underpromise but overdeliver when it comes to sweepstakes. If it’s not in the budget to launch a huge million dollar sweepstakes, , don’t make promises that your brand can’t keep when it comes to giveaway marketing in 2023. Being able to deliver seamless, trustworthy experiences is the baseline when it comes to a viable sweepstakes or contest strategy.

Tip 2: Listening to customers using tools. Understanding what consumers want from the brand is the key to delivering the exact experiences that they want from a sweepstakes or contest. One way to do this is through social listening that incorporates surveys, chatbots, and other tools to learn more about buyers’ interests, pain points, and category experience if they are new to the brand.

Tip 3: Embracing personalization through martech. Martech is the key to sweepstakes personalization that unlocks the potential for sweepstakes that double as nurturing campaigns. The more you align your Top of the Funnel (ToFu) content to the interests of fans turned sweepstakes participants, the more opportunities you will have to convert them to customers.

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