The Benefits of Sweepstakes Marketing in 1 Minute

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What is sweepstakes marketing? What do I need to run a successful sweepstakes? Where do I start looking?

Sweepstakes marketing is an effective method to ensure that your promotion goes viral. We’re here to make it simple.

Here are the benefits of sweepstakes marketing in under a minute.


  • What are the benefits of sweepstakes marketing?
  • How do sweepstakes build customer loyalty?
  • How does sweepstakes marketing help you reach goals faster?

The Top Benefits of Sweepstakes Marketing Explained

Bearing in mind that if you only had one minute to learn the most important benefits of sweepstakes marketing, consider the following:

  • Sweepstakes drive followers, leads, and sales, virtually instantly. Sweepstakes marketing can make these results skyrocket.
  • Legal compliance is the most complex part of running a sweepstakes as laws vary from state to state. Professional sweepstakes companies can advise you on what is required for in-store advertising.
  • The right sweepstakes marketing can make your promotion legendary.
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When and Why Should You Do Sweepstakes Marketing?

Sweepstakes marketing communicates the reason why participants should choose your brand and your promotion, including the benefits and unique features of your giveaway. Sweepstakes marketing also helps to maintain relationships with your most loyal customers because it starts before your sweepstakes starts.

This creates engagement, which in turn drives word of mouth, shares and referral marketing once your sweepstakes is live.

The purpose of sweepstakes marketing is to keep your audience engaged and buying from you between sweepstakes promotions. This ensures that you have a ready made audience available to you every time you launch a new sweepstakes or giveaway.


Sweepstakes Marketing Allows Your Brand to Compete in a Way That Your Competitors Simply Can’t Match

Since the majority of consumers see most products and services in a single category are virtually the same from a basic standpoint, sweepstakes marketing can help you gain an edge.

By focusing on the needs and desires of your target audience and showcasing your brand throughout your sweepstakes, sweepstakes marketing can help you to better express the nuances of your brand.

Showcasing your brand during a sweepstakes will turn followers into customers.

Reward Your Most Loyal Fans

These days, the majority of consumers already have the basic information they need to choose what brands and services to buy. Sweepstakes provide an engagement tool that caters to the needs of your followers who are loyal to your brand.

Free Ad Maker for Social Media and Video Advertising

Create awesome ads for your sweepstakes or contest in seconds with the Adobe Express free ad maker. Customize your advertising by including trending images, high impact fonts, and high quality design assets. Create your ads now.

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At the same time, sweepstakes help you reach new people that you wouldn’t have a reason to contact otherwise. This is important when it comes to establishing new audiences for your brand on the road to customer loyalty.

However, the ability to reach new audiences comes with targeted sweepstakes marketing that begins before your promotion even starts.

Sweepstakes marketing sets you on the track to finding these customers and getting them to participate into your promotion.

Sweepstakes Marketing Helps in Optimal Utilization of In-House Resources

By working with a sweepstakes marketing agency, you’ll be able to utilize your in-house marketing resources for the campaigns that you already are working on. This optimum use of resources ensures that you use your sweepstakes marketing budget effectively.

Sweepstakes Marketing Accelerates Brand Building Activities

By running sweepstakes regularly, you can generate brand awareness faster and get more traffic. Sweepstakes marketing will help you notify past participants about your upcoming promotions so that you can always tap into the entire audience from the past promotions to launch the next ones.

Sweepstakes Marketing Turns a Good Promotion Into a Success

Not everyone knows how to use Facebook or create TikToks. Without sweepstakes marketing, some brands would just skip the platforms that they are not active on, on favor of what they do know.

With potential channels being neglected, using professional sweepstakes marketing services can make a good promotion a great one.

In other words, although you don’t have to market your brand on every single social media platform, using sweepstakes marketing agency services will help you to fill in the gaps where you could be potentially missing out on a lot of sales and followers by not being on those platforms.

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Sweepstakes Marketing Will Increase Sales Thanks to Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

Getting leads and sales regularly is highly dependent on data. Engaging the services of a sweepstakes marketing agency will help you learn how to best collect, interpret, and use this marketing data to its fullest.

If you don’t use sweepstakes marketing, it’s unlikely that your sweepstakes platform will have the features that you need to measure your results throughout the entire sales funnel.

Furthermore, access to quality first-party data analytics insights depends on you having a system in place, namely a full martech stack.


5 Sweepstakes Marketing Strategies You Can Use in 1 Minute

Everybody loves a good marketing growth tip, even if it’s super easy to implement.

While one minute might not seem like a lot of time, you might be surprised to see how many of these tips you can actually accomplish in 60 seconds or less.

Here are a few examples:

  • Email Past Participants
  • Optimize Your Sweepstakes or Contest for Social Sharing
  • Advertise Your Sweepstakes on Your 404 Page
  • Hijack a Hashtag
  • Create a QR Code With Your Sweepstakes Entry Page Link

Want more? Go here to get the full list:

Get Quotes for Sweepstakes Marketing

Every sweepstakes marketing campaign is different, so don’t think you only need paid advertising, or none at all. It’s best to get quotes from professional sweepstakes companies.

They know the in’s and out’s of sweepstakes and contests, and work with top-of-the-line vendors to find you the best prizes and ensure that your sweepstakes is legally compliant.

You work hard for your company to drive marketing results. That’s why you should have a sweepstakes marketing team and strategy to help your promotion go viral.

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