AI Copywriting How AI-generated Content Works for Sweepstakes Marketing and Should Brands Use It?

ai copywriting how ai generated content works for sweepstakes marketing and should brands use it blog post title
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What is AI copywriting for sweepstakes? AI-generated content is when a machine creates content for you, such as marketing assets and legal documents. For sweepstakes, this content may often describe written content like blog posts, marketing copy, and official rules.

However, AI content generators rely on human input which means that using AI copywriting for giveaways could be a major risk. Inaccuracies, plagiarism, and poor quality are some of the risks of using AI content for your brand. Here’s what you should know to help you decide when you should (and shouldn’t) use AI content generation for sweepstakes, contests or raffle marketing.

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AI Copywriting: How Does AI Content Work for Sweepstakes Marketing?

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ai copywriting how ai generated content works for sweepstakes marketing and should brands use it blog post title

In this guide, we’ll evaluate when AI copywriting is useful and when AI content is potentially harmful for sweepstakes marketing. We’ll also analyze how AI content can be effectively used in a sweepstakes, contest or raffle and what Google has to say about AI-generated content.

Plus, we’ll share tips on how to mitigate the risks of AI content creation, why you should use AI as a writing assistant rather than replacements for human copywriters, and what to do about the legal requirements of sweepstakes when it comes to generating AI content for your promo.


  • What does Google say about AI content?
  • Is AI copywriting good for SEO for sweepstakes?
  • What are the biggest concerns with AI copywriting for sweepstakes?


What Is AI Copywriting?

According to ChatGPT,

AI copywriting refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate written content, typically for marketing or advertising purposes. The goal of AI copywriting is to create engaging and persuasive written content that is tailored to a specific audience and designed to achieve a particular objective, such as increasing conversions or driving traffic to a website.

AI copywriting typically involves using machine learning algorithms to analyze large datasets of existing copywriting content and identify patterns and trends that can be used to generate new, original content. This content may be produced automatically, or it may be generated and then edited or refined by a human copywriter.

AI copywriting can be a useful tool for companies looking to produce large volumes of high-quality written content in a short amount of time, or for organizations that need to produce content in multiple languages. However, it is important to note that AI copywriting is not a replacement for human copywriting and may not be able to produce content that is as factually accurate, nuanced, creative, or persuasive as content produced by human writers.

– OpenAI

Even as the AI copywriters recognize that they are not a replacement for human copywriters, interest in using AI content for giveaways is on the rise. Here is what you should know to before using AI content in your sweepstakes marketing.

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How Does AI Content Generation Work?

AI content writers use Natural Language Generation in order to write content. Engineers feed AI a wide range of content from the web including articles, Reddit threads, newspaper stories and more which the AI uses to study and recreate marketing content.

As a result, all of the information that is fed into an AI knowledge base is only as useful as the existing supply of public internet resources surrounding the topics of sweepstakes, contests, and raffles, namely their legal requirements. With the terms sweepstakes, contest, raffle, and giveaway used interchangeably by many platforms, AI content that is also legally compliant for giveaway marketing is not a possibility at this time.


What Does Google Think About AI Copywriting?

Google’s take on AI content and ranking AI copywriting in the search engines has pretty much been the same all along:

According to Google, quality is what matters most for AI content. Simply mass-generating AI content won’t attract sweepstakes participants in the same way that it won’t attract visitors to a website. Furthermore, Danny Sullivan previously confirmed that it’s creating content for people is what is most important.

Where AI content can shine in your sweepstakes marketing is by putting user experience first. This is also another way to ensure that any evergreen sweepstakes entry form page you create for sweepstakes promotions gain benefits from SEO over time.

Make your AI content as human-like as possible. Don’t forget about the emotions and making your audience feel what’s like to WIN each and every time.


How Can AI Copywriting Be Used in Sweepstakes and Contests?

AI copywriting can be used in a variety of ways for sweepstakes, contest, or raffle marketing. Here are examples of when AI-generated content is useful:

Generating sweepstakes marketing content: Use AI copywriting to automatically generate website content for your sweepstakes entry pages, sweepstakes prize descriptions, social media content, press releases, and blog posts for your sweepstakes.

Creating social media posts: AI copywriting can be used to produce social media posts, such as Twitter threads that are tailored to a specific audience and designed to achieve a particular objective. Art generated by AI is also extremely popular on social media and may be something to consider incorporating in your sweepstakes marketing.

Tiktoks, Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Posts, Tweets, Snaps, LinkedIn Carousels, gifs, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, and blog posts are useful ways to implement AI content in sweepstakes. These social media posts and videos help to attract more visitors to your sweepstakes entry form website.

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Crafting email campaigns: AI copywriting can be used to produce transactional email marketing sequences for your sweepstakes.

Producing ad copy: AI copywriting can be used to generate copy for online and offline advertisements, including display ads, social media ads, and email marketing campaigns. However, you should always make sure that you have this copy reviewed by an attorney and sweepstakes administrator for best results.

Generic ad copy produced by AI copywriting may not meet the legal requirements for a sweepstakes, raffle or contest. Some legal disclaimers are required and certain language, such as “void where prohibited,” for example, may not be omitted from sweepstakes official rules and abbreviated rules.

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Generating content for multiple languages: AI copywriting can be used to produce content in multiple languages, making it easier for companies to reach global audiences. This is not recommended for a sweepstakes, contest or raffle due to varying legal requirements outside of the United States and Canada when it comes to sweepstakes promotions. Furthermore, language localization can not be provided at this time for AI-generated copy.

What Are the Cons of Using AI Content That Can Lead to Misuse?

The cons of AI writing tools for sweepstakes are quality and plagiarism. AI content writing still heavily relies on data analysis and algorithms. As a result, the potential for unintentional misuse by marketers is high with AI tools scraping pieces of content from sweepstakes official rules and rewording it. When it comes to AI copywriting and giveaways, use AI as a writing assistant, not a solution for drafting official rules and other legal documents.

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Is AI Copywriting Good for Sweepstakes SEO?

With AI becoming a core component of search engine algorithms, AI is already impacting search engine results. Therefore, there is the potential to boost your SEO with AI.

AI copywriting can also be useful for data analysis as far as helping to determine which CTAs help to convert the most sweepstakes participants. Using AI content in your email marketing, SMS marketing, and content marketing to help you spot trends, identify gaps, and personalize your sweepstakes funnel content to your audience.


How to Use AI-generated Content in Sweepstakes SEO

For B2C brands that obtain customers from voice activated search, AI copywriting can help you to reach all of the key segments of your target audience. Overall, AI content helps you ensure that it’s possible for all of your fans who visit your brand from organic search can engage with your sweepstakes advertising to boost sweepstakes participation.


What Does Poor AI-generated Content for Sweepstakes Look Like?

The proliferation of AI content generators and high quality AI content that is virtually indistinguishable from handwritten content due to the complex nature of the subject matter is the main reason why you should never copy sweepstakes official rules templates you find online.

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Source: Google Search Central

Sweepstakes official rules that are generated by AI may not fully cover the necessary legal requirements that apply to your specific promotion. Furthermore, these legal documents may be copyrighted making your usage of the content a violation of copyright law.

If you are considering a sweepstakes rules template, note the following tips about how to identify AI content.

sweepstakes poll sweepsify

Poor AI-generated sweepstakes content may exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

Lack of coherence or flow: Poor AI-generated content may be disjointed and difficult to follow, with ideas or sentences that do not connect logically.

Unnatural language: Poor AI-generated content may use language that is awkward or stilted, or that does not sound like it was written by a native speaker of the language.

Lack of originality: Poor AI-generated content may be heavily based on existing sweepstakes official rules and may lack originality. Note copied dates, company names, and other unique identifiers from existing copyrighted sweepstakes legal documents.

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Inconsistencies or errors: Poor AI-generated content may contain inconsistencies or errors, such as incorrect grammar or spelling. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies regarding the correct applications of sweepstakes law are rife in AI content. It could open your company up to substantial legal liability if this AI copywriting is used in live sweepstakes or giveaway promotions.

Lack of relevance: Poor AI-generated content may not be tailored to a specific audience or may not address the intended objective. When it comes to sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways, these terms are often used interchangeably when they do not have the same meaning from a legal standpoint. As a result, you should ultimately avoid the use of AI copywriting when it comes to drafting official rules, legal documents, and advertising for promotions.

It’s important to note that AI copywriting is designed to help you brainstorm ideas. Sweepstakes law compliance doesn’t end where an AI writing assistant stops writing. Federal, state and local sweepstakes laws may still additional apply to your sweepstakes promotion and these nuances will not be detected by an AI content writing tool.


What Is the Best AI Writing for Sweepstakes?

Considering AI content for your sweepstakes or contest? The best AI writing for sweepstakes should be done according to sweepstakes laws that apply to your unique promotion. Google search rankings and making sure to avoid being detected and penalized for AI-generated content are also two important considerations.

AI-generated search patterns and inconsistencies in writing style are some of the ways that the search engines determine how good AI content. With the careful review of an attorney, it’s possible to create GPT-3 content that improves giveaway SEO that is delivers a superior user experience and is high ranking in the major search engines.


Let AI Copywriting Help You Create Sweepstakes Marketing Assets

Generating relevant, unique content for a sweepstakes or contest, not only requires a high level of creativity. It also requires scalable workflows and consistency in order to effectively reach all segments of your target audience. To keep up with the constant demand for quality content for your sweepstakes campaign, AI content generators are trusted by millions of content creators and marketers.

Review your sweepstakes official rules and legal compliance requirements before your content goes live. An attorney, your team, and a sweepstakes administrator should fact-check AI content and edit the outputs. While AI writers are designed to work with you for faster sweepstakes marketing, make sure your sweepstakes campaign content is legally compliant before publishing it.

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