Professional Search Engine Optimization for Sweepstakes: Read This Before Hiring SEOs

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Hiring professional search engine optimization services for your sweepstakes, contest or raffle doesn’t need to be hard.

Here are all of the questions you SHOULD ask in order to find the right provider.


  • Is hiring professional search engine optimization worth it?
  • How do I hire an SEO company for a social media contest?
  • How do I find the best SEO company for sweepstakes and contests?

What is the best way to hire professional search engine optimization experts?

Let’s start with the first step. How can they help your sweepstakes, contest or raffle earn the top spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Most sweepstakes, contests, and raffles are not being properly optimized for SEO.

By using professional search engine optimization services alongside your other marketing efforts, you will be able to maximize the amount of organic traffic you get to your promotion.


What Does Professional Search Engine Optimization Do?

Essentially, what you’re looking to do is to get your site to show up at the top of Google, Bing and other search engines rankings.

That means that instead of paying for the top spot through pay per click ads, you earn this top spot.

No matter your level of expertise in SEO, knowing the critical questions to ask before you hire SEOs for professional search engine optimization.

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How to Hire a Professional Search Engine Optimization Expert in 2022

Ask any recruiter and they won’t tell you about how to find the right professional search engine optimization services for your sweepstakes.


Because the proof is in the results when it comes to high-quality professional SEO services. It’s not enough to ask about a candidate’s experience.

What matters most is that they are able to work within the parameters of your budget to achieve the specific results that you want.

The skills needed to design a highly effective SEO campaign for a sweepstakes, contest, raffle may include a background in any of the following:

  • Sweepstakes marketing (if it interests them, of course but not mandatory)
  • Content marketing
  • SEO/SEM marketing
  • Growth marketing
  • Social media marketing

Other skills that it would be a benefit you to have as a part of the core skill set of your sweepstakes SEO team, include copywriting and marketing automation experience.

Use professional search engine optimization to build audiences for sweepstakes & contests.

There are a lot of places to find SEO experts, teams, and agencies (in contrast to having an in-house SEO team) to help you with running various campaigns.

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BUT, only a tiny minority know what SEO is and how to write this type of copy.

They do all the work, and some of them even achieve first page placements and Google featured snippets. 🤣🍭

A full-service SEM/SEO company might be the best choice for a social media contests.

However, if you are planning to boost your search engine rankings over the longterm, such as for your annual sweepstakes marketing campaign, then it might be a better idea to higher a freelance SEO for short-term SEO tasks.

How to Inquire About a Professional Search Engine Optimization Company’s Processes

Just as its important to understand what skillset an SEO company has, you should also be able to get a good understanding of their processes. Don’t hesitate to request a breakdown of their SEO processes and techniques.

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The deliverables that you prefer to receive during each stage of the process also matter.

  • If the SEO company, mentions that they will conduct an SEO audit of your sweepstakes entry form or brand website, ask them specifically what steps they take to conduct their audits.
  • If they mention how they conduct keyword research, ask about their processes for finding good keywords related to sweepstakes, contests, and raffles to target.
  • If they mention that their SEO services consist mostly of technical SEO, ask what exact that process consists of.

If you still unsure exactly what this entails, make sure to ask them for clarification on the exact deliverables that you will receive.

A major portion of the sales person’s job at any SEO company is to explain these deliverables in simple terms that anyone is able to understand.

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How Long Until a Sweepstakes Sees SEO Ranking Results?

You can’t expect to get get results from sweepstakes and contest SEO after just a day.

However, how long does it actually take to start ranking for sweepstakes keywords?

Each company has a different pace at which they perform SEO, based on its resources, time investments, and team.

SEO for sweepstakes and contests is an ongoing process. This is why we recommend that you use it specifically on a sweepstakes campaign that you plan to run ongoing annually or monthly.

Long-term follower growth from sweepstakes and contests often correlates with improved SEO rankings.

The marketing SEO specialist that you discuss your campaign with should be able to give you a general time estimate that is required for your campaign to start seeing results.

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An SEO company may not be able to tell you a specific date by which they can achieve page 1 rankings for your sweepstakes, because the search engine algorithms are continuous updating.

However, they should be able to provide you with an estimate based on past marketing campaigns that they’ve worked on similar to yours.

Ask The Professional Search Engine Optimization Company About Reporting

All of the top SEO providers will provide at least some form of reporting for brands who run SEO campaigns related to recurring sweepstakes and contests.

Make sure that you ask them to see a sample report when they send one out to clients.

You should ask them to provide further details on the primary metrics that they use to report on your campaign.

Ideally, these metrics should be related to your KPIs for the sweepstakes campaign overall.

You should also ask about what specific tools they prefer to use for SEO reporting.

Top SEO tools that companies use to report on their sweepstakes and contest SEO campaigns include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and more.

If you need access to advanced reporting in order to integrate your SEO campaigns with your other marketing efforts or automation, it’s a good idea to discuss this upfront.

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