How to Score a Win for the Best Sweepstakes of 2022

sweepsify how to score a win for the best sweepstakes of 2022
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Game day is here and fans are getting excited for their favorite brands’ best sweepstakes. The top sweepstakes and contest promotions for 2022 are starting to roll out now and likely several big brands will attract the majority of sweepstakes participants this year.

As a result, marketers are starting early in order to get ahead of this year’s holiday shopping seasons and to start building engagement with fans to prepare for these giveaway campaigns.

If you want your sweepstakes to top the list of the most memorable sweepstakes or contest 2022, you need to start right now.

Here are some tips to help you smash records with your audience for sweepstakes and contest participation in 2022 and score a big win!


  • What makes sweepstakes and contests go viral?
  • How to find a target audience for a sweepstakes promotion
  • How to create ongoing successful sweepstakes and contests

Sweepstakes and contests are great for reaching people. But if you want your giveaway to get shared and go viral, you need engagement not just eyeballs.

1. Focus on Engagement

Get your sweepstakes and contest participants engaged by delivering interactive content of all types: from user-generated content to videos, gifs, shorts, polls and surveys and more.

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By bring the fun and excitement to your promotion so that your audience is always on the look out for your next follow-up you’ll keep people in anticipation of the announcement of the sweepstakes or contest winner(s).

2. Learn About Your Audience

As you plan your sweepstakes or contest, here are few things you should pay attention to:

  • What are your audiences preferences regarding the marketing channels they prefer to use to connect with your brand?
  • What are their demographics (age, location, gender, household income)?
  • What does your audience want from your brand? What value do they think your brand offers?

These are just a few of the questions to consider as you work with a sweepstakes company or contest marketing company to create your promotion.

By working with a professional sweepstakes administration company, you’ll be able to bounce your ideas off of marketers who are experienced in delivering campaigns in your industry.

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This would also be a good opportunity to consider working with a co-sponsor for your sweepstakes or contest. A co-sponsor may already have the particular audience that you want to target for your campaign.

Thus you’ll be able to tap into a “lookalike” audience that matches your requirements without having to spend time or finding these prospects on your own.

3. Let Your Participants Do the Sharing

A well-designed sweepstakes or contest promotion should be so irresistible that participants will want to share it on your own.

You shouldn’t have to do the majority of the sharing but simply give your promotion a little nudge and let your audience do the rest.

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A sweepstakes or contest management company will work with you to uncover the best ways to spark conversations about your new promotion among your customers and social media fans.

4. Keep the Party Going: Reward Non-winners with Discounts and Offers

Sweepstakes and contests that are the most memorable in the eyes of participants are the ones that not only offered great prizes to winners but also something for non-winners as well.

You should reward your non-winner participants with discounts, coupons or special offers to thank them for entering their promotion.

By doing this, you’ll end the promotion on a positive note and have a ready-made list of participants that you can reach out to for guaranteed entries when you’re ready for your next sweepstakes or contest.

5. More Participants Equals More Customers

The most important part to remember is that the larger your sweepstakes or contest grows, the more it will benefit your brand. In general, the more participants you attract to your sweepstakes or contest, the more sales you will get.

For best results, work with a sweepstakes company from start to finish to design, plan, and launch your next giveaway promotion. With proven sweepstakes knowledge on your side, your campaign will get the push that it needs to attract thousands of participants.

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