Sweepstakes Management 101: What You Should Know About Sweepstakes Planning

sweepsify sweepstakes management 101 what you should know about sweepstakes planning
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Sweepstakes management companies help thousands of brands launch sweepstakes every year.

The brands that are the most successful at sweepstakes know that they have to use sweepstakes management agency to design and launch the sweepstakes, ensure that participants stay engaged, and perform sweepstakes administration task once a winner is selected.

No matter what type of sweepstakes you’re running, a sweepstakes management company can help you with your promotion. Before you get started with planning your sweepstakes, here are a few things to know about sweepstakes management in order to be successful.

sweepsify sweepstakes management 101 what you should know about sweepstakes planning

Sweepstakes Management: Your Guide to Creating a Sweepstakes

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1. You Need to Follow Their Lead

Sweepstakes managers have experience in running sweepstakes. While you may already know your audience, there are some unique planning aspects that a sweepstakes manager brings to the table:

2. Choose a Type of Sweepstakes to Run

While you may have a general idea of the type of sweepstakes you want to run, a sweepstakes management company will recommend one or more of the following:

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One Entry Sweepstakes

Each participant, household or IP address is only permitted to enter once. One entry sweepstakes typically have a high value sweepstakes prize such as a vacation, car or cash prize as the grand prize.

These sweepstakes are great for attracting a lot of participants and for brands looking to announce the launch of a new product or service.

Multiple Entry Sweepstakes

These sweepstakes give participants multiple entries and are perfect for brands that sell products.

Monthly Sweepstakes

Monthly sweepstakes giveaways typically involve small sweepstakes prizes giving participants many chances to win.

Ongoing Sweepstakes

These sweepstakes aren’t run on a regularly weekly schedule. Instead, they may be run at specific times of the year.

These are the most popular types of sweepstakes to run: Christmas Sweepstakes, Mother’s Day Sweepstakes, Father’s Day Sweepstakes, Independence Day Sweepstakes, and Halloween Sweepstakes, Thanksgiving Sweepstakes, Black Friday Sweepstakes, Cyber Monday Sweepstakes, Small Business Saturday Sweepstakes, and Retail Holiday Sweepstakes.

Some ongoing sweepstakes may also be seasonal running just a few weeks during a certain time of the year, such as during the fall or winter months when consumer shopping for their brand are at their highest.

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3. Select the Right Sweepstakes Prize

A sweepstakes manager will help you with this part of your promotion by suggesting sweepstakes prizes that have proven to be popular among brands.

While you might have a sweepstakes prize in mind, keep in mind what your participants actually want. If they don’t see value in your sweepstakes prize, you’ll get fewer entries.

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Make sure that your sweepstakes prize fits your audience. The reward for entering the sweepstakes needs to be worthwhile in order for participants to want to enter.

Sweepstakes management is becoming increasingly complicated as new tools are introduced into the marketplace. A sweepstakes program can be dramatically improved by leveraging sweepstakes management tools and marketing tools in order to plan and run your sweepstakes.

4. The Quality of Your Sweepstakes Management Team Determines Your Success

Sweepsify was created in part to take the hard work of finding the right company to deliver your sweepstakes. As a result, you’ll likely need a combination of sweepstakes management and prize fulfillment to ensure that your promotion goes smoothly.

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By leveraging the services of a prize fulfillment company, they will handle all of the logistics, legal requirements, and fulfillment tasks that go into delivering sweepstakes prizes to winners.


5. Low Value Sweepstakes Prizes Work Great Too

One common misconception that many marketers have about running sweepstakes is that a high monetary value prize is always the best choice. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

Sweepstakes that have lower value prizes tend to attract more entrants because the participants feel that their is a greater chance of winning a prize. However, the trade-off here is that you can’t make the sweepstakes prize so cheap that there’s no longer a reason to participate in the promotion.

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6. Leverage Sweepstakes Management and Sweepstakes Marketing Tools

The success of your sweepstakes is directly tied to the quality of the sweepstakes management service that you use. By combining multiple platforms and tools to manage your sweepstakes, you’ll be able to get real-time insights into your promotion.

Sweepstakes need to be executed using platforms that make it easy for participants to enter while supporting the extensive array of digital marketing tools that you’ll need to effective manage your sweepstakes participant list after the promotion ends.

At Sweepsify, we’re helping businesses find the right sweepstakes management services.

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