Why Brands Should Use Deals and Sweepstakes to Reward Fans

This article will help you understand the importance of running sweepstakes and deals and how they can be a part of your customer loyalty strategy.

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Top brands love to use deals and sweepstakes to reward their most loyal customers and fans. To build customer loyalty and trust, brands should show customer appreciation by running giveaway promotions. The best rewards and giveaways will make your fans feel like Christmas just came early while also benefiting your brand.

How do you convince new customers to buy from your brand? How do you get existing customers to return? How do you boost sales on shopping holidays? And most of all, how do you improve customer loyalty?

Add deals and sweepstakes to reward your fans.

Read on to learn why brands should run sweepstakes and contests, why deals and sweepstakes should be a part of your customer loyalty strategy, and what are the best ways to deliver a positive customer experience through deals and sweepstakes.


  • Why do brands use deals and sweepstakes?
  • What are some popular sweepstakes and deals ideas?
  • What is the best way to reward loyal customers?


Sweepstakes and Deals Attract New Customers and Followers

Free rewards attract new customers to your business. Offer a chance to win a prize for free via a sweepstakes or a low-risk opportunity to try out your product or service for the first-time via a deal or coupon offer. This will establish a relationship between your brand and your customers based on value from the start. Sweeps and deals also increase your social media engagement.

Sweepstakes are also the best option for lead generation to boost your sales or increase brand awareness in order to attract new customers. Sweepstakes and deals enhance the long term value of your customers and help you personalize your products and services to their needs to ensure that they remain loyal to your brand.

An effective deals and sweepstakes promotion strategy should not only deliver a short term sales boost, but it should also increase the value of your brand. Deals and sweepstakes should keep your brand top of mind and relevant to customers, not serve as a way to offload old inventory or attract customers based solely on price.

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Your deals and sweepstakes should encourage customers to commit to your brand because that is the only way that they get to enjoy the deals, discounts and other perks that your brand offers to subscribers or during a sweepstakes or social media contest.


What Deals and Sweepstakes Do Customers Want?

To effectively encourage social media follower growth while maximizing customer retention, consider the types of rewards that you offer to your customers in the form of sweepstakes prizes, discounts, and coupons. The perceived value of the rewards matters, namely for uniqueness and exclusively as the appeal to consumers may not necessarily be based on price. Furthermore, you also want to choose promotions that will attract participants every month and grow your revenue.

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Early vs. Exclusive Access Deals and Sweepstakes

Deals and sweepstakes are especially good at building up excitement for a brand. If you plan to give early or exclusive access to new content, using deals and sweepstakes to advertise the new content can maximize the number of people who take advantage of your new release.

You could also give participants, early access to the new content before releasing it to the public in order to maximize participation. There’s no right way or wrong way, simply what works best for your audience and what the goals are for your campaign. Creating custom benefits for your fans makes every interaction with your brand more personalized and helps them to better understand what value they can gain from your products and services.

In addition to a chance to win a prize, you can think about smaller prizes that all of your customers can “win” simply by being present. Prizing is a strong incentive for customers to spend more per order.

Structure Your Deals and Sweepstakes

It might be tempting to offer lots of deals and sweepstakes every month in order to encourage new customers to buy. Keep in mind that not only do you have to manage the delivery of the rewards each time, you also have to ensure that every campaign delivers ROI. That is why we recommend that you create a sweepstakes marketing plan so that you can organize your promotions.

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Deploying promotions and discounts must involving segmenting your customers to ensure that you maximize the ROI of your promotion. The customer type is also a good way to decide exactly how much of a discount a customer in that segment should receive.

Free Advertisement Maker with Templates

Canva lets you create eye-catching advertisements with their free ad maker. Customize your sweepstakes, contest, or raffle ads with trending images, fonts, and high quality design assets.


If you’re just getting started, work with a sweepstakes company to help you design promotions that delight your followers using proven formulas. This will help to eliminate much of the guesswork when it comes to designing high converting sweepstakes and deals campaigns.


Deals and Sweepstakes Ideas

Here are some ideas for deals and sweepstakes to run that can help you to entice your audience to become customers and spread the word about your brand. Give away these items as deals only for sweepstakes participants or even sweepstakes prizes:

  1. Exclusive unreleased content
  2. Early access to content
  3. Trial version of product/service
  4. Early access to product/service
  5. Pre-sales product
  6. Discounts
  7. Exclusive merch
  8. Signed merch
  9. Pins, stickers, buttons
  10. Live online appearance

There is no best option when it comes to deals to reward your customers. It really boils down to the types of sweepstakes prizes and deals you think you can deliver and manage on a regular basis that your customers and brand social media fans will enjoy.


Should Luxury Brands Use Deals and Sweepstakes?

In most cases, deals and coupons are not even a consideration for luxury brands is why incentivization for luxury brands works differently. While brands should not offer deals in the general sense of discounts and coupons, there is still a need to personalize their offerings and to drive sales.

The solution here is that luxury brands can use promotions to control what customer segments “see” and “hear” regarding their customer experience with the luxury brand. Brands can instead use them to launch exclusive campaigns in the way that it attracts more buyers of specific types of products and services rather than focusing on converting cold leads to buyers.

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Track Your Results From Deals and Sweepstakes Campaigns

Make sure that you keep track of how your deals and sweepstakes campaigns turn out so that you can determine how well they are working. Then, optimize them over time. Some brands are reluctant to change their deals and sweepstakes because they are afraid that they might alienate their core social media audience.

While you shouldn’t completely change your deals and sweepstakes marketing too often, you should be willing to make adjustments. Use social media listening tools and surveys to learn from your customers. You may find that the best ideas for deals and rewards come from your top fans.


Final Tips

Brands that want to build strong relationships with their customers and a community need to focus on delivering valuable rewards that are relevant to their audiences. Finding the right mix of deals and sweepstakes for your brand loyalty program takes hard work and creativity. But it’s so worth it to delight your customers!

Here are some final winning brand loyalty tips to help you put your customers first:

  • First of all, understand that all customers love deals.
  • Secondly, make sure that you can afford to run ongoing sweepstakes and deals.
  • A major mistake for your business is to roll out promotions that do not deliver ROI or align with your brand.
  • One thing about discounts is that it might be difficult to go back to not offering them once you start so consider another deal other than monetary discounts to give to customers.
  • What makes a deal bad for a brand may be running it too frequently, so make sure to switch up your deals and sweepstakes promotions periodically.
  • Differentiate your brand by offering unique deals and sweepstakes.
  • Push the limits of growth for your brand by optimizing your campaigns as you gain more insights into your customers.

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