Black Friday 2022 Sales Strategy: Increase Holiday Sales With Sweepstakes or Contests & Maximize BFCM Profits

In this article, we'll share how to maximize your holiday sales with sweepstakes and contests on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

black friday 2022 sales strategy increase holiday sales with sweepstakes or contests and maximize bfcm profits blog post title
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The #1 Black Friday 2022 sales strategy to increase holiday sales? Brands use sweepstakes and contests on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, which are the highest volume shopping days for online retailers to drive sales.

Early-October deals are the best way to attract shoppers as the holiday season starts. However, you’ll need to keep your audience engaged from Black Friday November 25th through the end of the year December 2022.

Keep Your Fans Engaged, Build Customer Loyalty on Black Friday 2022

The best way to keep your fans and existing customers engaged while you attract new first-time customers? Run sweepstakes and contests for Black Friday 2022. Sweepstakes and contest ideas, including holiday photo contests, social media contests, and instant win games, spin-to-win wheels, as well as, online sweepstakes.

Increase Holiday Sales Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022! Use BFCM Giveaways to Maximize ROI

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black friday 2022 sales strategy increase holiday sales with sweepstakes or contests and maximize bfcm profits blog post title

Early-October Begins the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales Strategy

Read on to learn all of what’s involved in maximizing your Black Friday 2022 contest and sweepstakes that will allow you to increase your holiday sales ROI with giveaway promotions. BFCM sweepstakes and contests are popular with ecommerce brands, DTC companies, CPG brands, alcohol brands, breweries, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

A Black Friday Cyber Monday sweepstakes or contesting strategy can be a part of achieving record-sales increase during the holiday season 2022. Plus learn how to avoid the challenges that make delivering great customer experiences difficult on high volume shopping days.

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  • Why should you promote sweepstakes and contests for Black Friday?
  • How do you start to attract participants for Black Friday 2022 giveaways?
  • How to do Black Friday contests help increase holiday sales?


Black Friday Cyber Monday Sweepstakes and Contests Drive High Value Leads, Loyal Customers

Black Friday Cyber Monday (“BFCM”) deals and discounts 2022 are already being leaked by top brands. This year November 25, 2022, Black Friday 2022, and November 28, 2022, Cyber Monday 2022 fall on dates that are both in November. This means that November 2022 is likely to be a year-over-year higher volume shopping month than last year.

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Despite rising inflation, ecommerce brands are expecting that shoppers will still be on the lookout for Black Friday deals and discounts. Ecommerce brands and online retailers have to plan to avoid inventory excess supply, out-of-stock items, technical issues caused by high traffic volume and other issues.

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Giveaway Sales Strategy: Top Brands Plan for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022

The goal of any marketing campaign whether a promotional marketing campaign such as a sweepstakes, contest, or raffle, aside from driving traffic and sales is to help you attract more high value leads that translate to long-term customers and recurring sales.

DTC brands, CPG companies, alcohol companies, breweries, brick-and-mortar retailers, even SaaS companies frequently run promotions that are designed to leverage these kind of growth hacks. The most important part is that you provide your customers with a promotion that will engage them through the business Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping holiday.


Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022: Contest Ideas That Increase Holiday Sales

Your ecommerce brand or online retailer Black Friday sales strategy should include contests, sweepstakes, spin-to-win wheel, and instant win game campaigns. You can run text sweepstakes, fundraiser sweepstakes or giveaway campaigns. Figure out which type of promotions drive engagement to your ecommerce brand.

Prepare your ecommerce brand or online store for the Black Friday sales. Clean up your inventory, forecast sales, check with your suppliers, engage existing customers, and reactivate past customers based on their purchase history.


What Are the Risks of High Volume Sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Black Friday Cyber Monday giveaways have legal requirements. This includes making sure that Black Friday sweepstakes official rules follow sweepstakes laws. The same applies to ensuring legal compliance for giveaways and contests. The level of risk that ecommerce brands face on Black Friday due to high volume sales varies by industry.

For the majority of brands, the main sales obstacle is avoiding experiencing a high volume of returns. Black Friday shoppers spend Thanksgiving weekend searching for Black Friday 2022 deals from online retailers. Customers often do a lot of impulse buying during Thanksgiving while relaxing or thinking ahead. Remember, this is the start to the end of the year 2022 holiday season, which is just weeks away.


Planning Increases Holiday Sales From Contesting and Giveaways

Plan a sweepstakes or contest as a way to maximize your Black Friday 2022 sales strategy. A sweepstakes or contest campaign allows you to maximize your sales ROI because it involves measuring sweepstakes KPIs. The purpose of monitoring a sweepstakes KPI is to ensure that when you nurture leads from your giveaway promotion, those participants turn into first-time customers, social media fans, and customer loyalty program members.

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Ensure that you have all of the logistics and minimum social media audience, and core customer base requirements in place before you start to promote your sweepstakes on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Keep in mind that part of creating a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for all sweepstakes, contest, and giveaway participants that are part of your brand.

Positive Customer Experiences Drive Increasing Sales to Reach BFCM Maximum ROI

Customers have expectations for Black Friday sweepstakes and contests. Make sure that sweepstakes marketing, including hiring a sweepstakes company to help you manage and administrator your promotion. A Black Friday Cyber Monday sales strategy works better when most elements of the campaigns are already well optimized.

Furthermore, the elements of a sweepstakes, contest, or raffle may involve multiple companies, including a sweepstakes platform, a martech vendor, a prize fulfillment company, logistics and warehousing operation for brands who need to give away or ship thousands of prizes.


Make Sure That the Experience Always Benefits Your Customers First

A Black Friday sweepstakes, giveaway, contest or Cyber Monday promotion may last through the weekend of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Thanksgiving weekend, or goes on throughout the entire week of Thanksgiving, ending Cyber Monday or at the end of the week. The longer your promotion lasts, the more sweepstakes participants it may attract.

Foster Customer Loyalty and Recurring Sales With a Black Friday 2022 Sales Strategy

Gartner forecasts that by 2023, 75% of D2C brands will offer a subscription model. The unique combination of promotional tools, including sweepstakes prizes, and methodology such as contest format are important. For DTC brands, this means ensuring that your increase holiday sales strategy involves increasing recurring revenue and average order value. Get participants to find and enter for a chance to win your sweepstakes which determine your ability to increase sales and maximize BFCM profits.

Next Level Sweepstakes and Contests Attract Participants and Black Friday Shoppers

Furthermore, it isn’t just about making sure that you provide good customer support. Indeed, it’s about offering a next level experience for your customers that makes your brand stand apart from competitors offer top retailers Black Friday 2022 deals and discounts. Considering that lower prices will not be enough to track sales in sufficient volume to grow their audience.

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Increase Holiday Sales With Sweepstakes or Contests BFCM Profits Checklist

Here are some areas to examine as you plan your contest or sweepstakes for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022. Use it to increase holiday sales checklist, follow:

  1. Forecast, Build and Manage Inventory
  2. Assess Your eCommerce Site’s EAT Score
  3. Analyze the Your Social Media Audience to Identify Buyer Personas
  4. Optimize for Mobile-Friendly Shopping
  5. Include a Streamlined Customer Funnel Specific to Your Giveaway
  6. The Time Line: Contests, Sweepstakes & Black Friday Deals & Discounts Released
  7. Use October and November 2022 for Promotional Sweepstakes Marketing
  8. What’s Required to Deliver Sweepstakes and Contests
  9. How to Maximize ROI: Sweepstakes KPI Monitoring and Measurement
  10. Future Proofing Black Friday Sales Strategy to Increase Holiday Sales
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Your brand’s reputation as a leading authority brand depends on your ability to deliver successful giveaway promotions, again and again. Fortunately, with a plethora of martech tools, connectors, and web hooks, assembling a comprehensive tech stack for your promotions is easier now.

Above all, it’s much easier to plan a Black Friday sales strategy if you prepare during the summer. Give yourself at least a few months to prepare given that you will need to manage a large amount of inventory in a short-period of time. Keep in mind that poorly priced discounts can turn your entire Black Friday strategy Q4 sales, year-over-year sales growth into losses.

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Establish Brand Authority: To Increase Holiday Sales Focus on Delivering a Successful Giveaway

5 ways successful giveaway marketing on Black Friday, Thanksgiving weekend, and Cyber Monday improves your brand:

Over time, as you progress in your Black Friday 2022 sales strategy, by optimizing your giveaway to first-time customer conversion rate, the returns of your individual campaigns, will start to multiply.

Brands can anticipate Black Friday contests and sweepstakes as part of a proven sales strategy to:

  1. Increase topical authority when it comes to highly competitive branded keywords
  2. Ensure that your brand’s Black Friday deals and discounts are promptly and accurately described across all marketing channels
  3. Ensure that your brand is always the source of the best sweepstakes marketing promotions
  4. Greater brand authority as past participants enter for a chance to win again
  5. More referral traffic that leads to sales

As you maximize the ROI of your sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways, you’ll find that your conversation rate will be improved over time. This will help to trigger a long term increase in sales while also making sure that the leads entering your sales funnels are the most excited about engaging with your brand.

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