Black Friday 2022 Contests Ideas, Sweepstakes & Deals to Launch to Boost Holiday Sales

With record numbers of Black Friday deals coming in earlier than usual, it's important for brands to plan for a successful contest or sweepstakes to help drive holiday sales.

black friday 2022 contest deas sweepstakes and deals to launch to boost holiday sales blog post title
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Looking for Black Friday 2022 contest ideas? Is Friday November 25, 2022 is the best day to run a contest or sweepstakes alongside your holiday sales? If you’re wondering when you should start to plan for Black Friday this year, the answer is right now.

Jumpstart Black Friday 2022 Holiday Sales With Sweepstakes and Contest Ideas

Inflation, fears of a recession, and a shift to just-in-case logistics from just-in-time, means that Black Friday 2022 deals are coming in bigger and earlier than normal. This is great news for consumers and great news for brands who are looking to build brand awareness, increase sales, and grow customer loyalty with holiday sales and deals.


Here’s What Retail Experts Predict for Black Friday 2022 Deals

This year, it will take a lot more to bring in those sales than simply dropping the price! Amazon Prime, Best Buy, and Walmart will likely lead the way with the number of Black Friday deals on sale. However, Amazon’s deals are not predicted to be as aggressive as individual retailers’ Black Friday deals, according to retail experts.

Black Friday 2022 Contest Ideas, Sweepstakes

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black friday 2022 contest deas sweepstakes and deals to launch to boost holiday sales blog post title

Why Are Sweepstakes and Contests Important for Black Friday 2022?

A promise of steep savings on the top Black Friday deals from leading brands is enough to convince millions of Americans to shop. However, with customers increasingly expecting savings, Black Friday discounts are consider the bare minimum at this points, which makes it increasingly difficult for brands to compete on pricing alone.

Read on to find out about everything you need to know about Black Friday sweepstakes and contests to bring in those record-breaking holiday sales. The best deals are made with shoppers in mind so we’ve also included some Black Friday contest and holiday sweepstakes ideas.

Ready to go? Let’s get started!


  • What are Black Friday 2022 contest ideas?
  • When should you start planning your Black Friday 2022 contest or sweepstakes?
  • What Black Friday 2022 deals should brands run with their contest ideas?


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Black Friday 2022 Contests and Sweepstakes Are Almost Here

Black Friday Deals 2022 have almost always been accompanied by some sort of giveaway. Whether its discounts, free products, hundreds of trustworthy stores are running promotions.

If your customers are looking for great deals on Black Friday, no matter what prime deals of the year you may be offering, customers expect that you will giveaway at least something! So many sure to keep the discounts handy. Start to plan those sweepstakes, contest, and giveaway promos now.

This will give your audience plenty of time to learn about where to find them. Don’t forget that a savings guide is a great place to advertise your upcoming Black Friday 2022 sweepstakes or contest promotion!


Preview Your Black Friday 2022 Deals, Contest, Sweepstakes

Remember Black Friday 2022 holiday sales performance is supported by your audience that includes people who are savers, as well as those who are simply looking for great deals. As a result, you should be taking this time to showcase your brand to remind shoppers why they choose your brand. Shortly, you should start to preview your Black Friday 2022 Deals to your audience, along with hints about your upcoming Black Friday sweepstakes or contest.

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Black Friday 2022 Contest Ideas: About This Year’s Deals Ads

What do Black Friday 2022 deals reveal about holiday sales? Look back to some of these holiday sales during the year which also correlate with when brands typically run sweepstakes and contests:

  • Seasonal Savings Event 2022
  • Labor Day 2022
  • Summer Sale 2022
  • Memorial Day 2022
  • Black Friday 2021
  • Christmas 2021

They all mark the end of a seasonal period which requires a turnover of sales inventory. Furthermore, they are not the only times that brands run sweepstakes and contests, they also tend to be the most profitable sales event days for retail and ecommerce brands.


What Should Be on Sale on Black Friday 2022?

Before you get started with planning your Black Friday 2022 contest ideas, consider that last year’s 2021 Black Friday started prior to Thanksgiving night on November 22 for many brands. However, the in-store portion of the sale, started on Black Friday itself.

Black Friday 2022 deals, just like previous years tend to include a full range of retailer products. Shoppers looking to save expect to see discounts on everything from top mobile devices, TVs, to small kitchen appliances, and clothing and apparel. When Black Friday 2022 deals start, you want customers to pounce on your offers and enter for a chance to win your sweepstakes or contest.

Read on to get more information on what you should do to plan your Black Friday 2022 contest idea or sweepstakes:

Typically, giving the fact that these are high volume shopping days, brands should make sure that they share the Black Friday 2022 contest details, discounts, and other deals information as soon as it becomes available. Yesterday, is the time to get started!

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Start With Discounts and Deals for Black Friday 2022

Many brands will compete solely on price by offering a holiday price match guarantee. This allows consumers to get their holiday sales price matched by the brand if it goes lower during the holiday season. While this may help some brands, the right Black Friday 2022 contest idea can help attract attention away from brands who are doing nothing more than putting older inventory on sale.

While you should make your Black Friday 2022 contest idea shine with a spectacular grand sweepstakes prize, giving away perks along the way won’t hurt. Here are a few ideas for Black Friday deals:

  • Free $5 gift cards with purchase requirement
  • Discounts
  • BOGO offers

Don’t forget to make the deals easy to redeem with accessible same-day delivery or pickup as needed. Keep in mind that if you run a sweepstakes you must allow participants to enter for free with no purchase necessary as required by sweepstakes laws.

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Now that you have some Black Friday 2022 sweepstakes ideas to try, consider these Black Friday 2022 FAQs as you plan your sweepstakes or contest:

Is Black Friday 2022 the best day of the year to run sweepstakes and contests?

Early Black Friday deals for 2022 are already rolling out, even in October. For savers who are eager to shop, you can still get a significant number of traffic from potential participants who are excited about Black Friday contests and sweepstakes. Just about any retail, ecommerce, SaaS, software or professional services brand can potentially boost foot traffic and online sales with the right Black Friday 2022 contest idea.


How many contest or sweepstakes participants do brands attract on Black Friday?

According to the NRF, nearly 155 million Americans shopped on Black Friday 2021. Of that, 88.1 million made a purchase. During the 2021 holiday season, retail sales increased by 14.1% rising $800 billion over the previous holiday season.

Although, the boost provided by shoppers preferring to shop online during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic helped to lift sales to record levels, supply chain disruptions still persisted which lead to retailers starting their discounts as early as October.

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Retailers and ecommerce brands should offer their Black Friday 2022 sweepstakes or contest to all existing customers which means that a Black Friday contest idea could easily attract thousands of participants.


How does a Black Friday 2022 contest idea, sweepstakes, or giveaway enhance customer experience?

The Black Friday shopping holiday sales are notorious for their frenzied shoppers. By running a Black Friday 2022 contest idea alongside your existing Black Friday deals, you can create a whole new level of excitement with your social media fans. You’ll even get them to perform the social media marketing for your Black Friday contest idea for you if you get started early enough.

Black Friday 2022 contests ideas involving photo and video UGC posted to social media are extremely popular, followed by text to win sweepstakes and SMS marketing campaigns. This results in an omnichannel marketing experience that engages both customers and social media fans.


How long should a Black Friday 2022 contest or sweepstakes last?

Given that Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday directly after on November 28, 2022, it’s a good idea to ensure that your Black Friday 2022 contest idea at least spans the entire holiday weekend. That will get participants to stick around and engage with your brand through the end of the following week?

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How do I prepare for a Black Friday 2022 sweepstakes, contest or giveaway?

During Black Friday, customers expect retailers to limit the availability of their best deals. As a result, the majority of savers and shoppers are expected to rush in earlier. Make sure the your Black Friday 2022 contest is already live so that participants will have a promotion to take advantage as a welcome distraction if any deals run out quickly.


Black Friday Contest Ideas for Cyber Monday & Thanksgiving Week

Start the festivities earlier or even right now by running these pre-Black Friday 2022 contest ideas, prize ideas, discount, and deal promotions to run:

  1. Pre-launch waitlist for your new product release
  2. Discount spin to win
  3. Daily special offers all month or week long
  4. Black Friday rebates
  5. Black Friday bucks (that can only be spend leading up to Cyber Monday)
  6. Back Friday instant win (scratch and win, scratch, match, & win instantly)
  7. Black Friday gift basket giveaway
  8. Black Friday choose your prize sweepstakes
  9. Black Friday holiday travel sweepstakes
  10. Black Friday gift card giveaway
  11. Black Friday shopping spree (win a shopping spree sweepstakes)
  12. Co-sponsor a Black Friday giveaway (partner with another brand to attract new customers)

The more you mix it up, the more appealing your promotion will be to new customers from other retailers’ audiences. However, make sure that your promotion complies with all applicable laws by making sure to obtain sweepstakes administration, contest management, and other services that are needed for running successful giveaway promotions on high volume shopping days.

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