Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Giveaways Contests & Sweepstakes Go Viral

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Want to go viral on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 (“BFCM” 2022)? Run a BFCM online sweepstakes or a social media contest. The holiday shopping season is the best time to use giveaways to attract attention and make your brand go viral on social media.

The holiday season is almost here. Most consumers have probably had their eyes on the Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 deals and discounts for a while now. Black Friday 2022 promotions have started to trend already everywhere. With Black Friday just around the corner, now is the time to start promoting your Black Friday sweepstakes, contest or giveaway.

Social Media Contests, Viral Sweepstakes & Black Friday Giveaways Go Viral in 2022

Whether its a tailgating party, large cash prize or simply a Black Friday exclusive deal or discount to help save your customers money, you can promote your online on Black Friday Cyber Monday. With the right Black Friday deals and promotional marketing techniques, you can go viral on social media.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Giveaway Checklist

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If you plan to run a sweepstakes, contest or raffle, Sweepsify can help you find everything you need to get started. Learn what you can do to increase the chances that your viral sweepstakes or contest is the top trending giveaway of 2022. Promote your giveaway now and your brand can come out ahead of all of the other Black Friday promotions from top ecommerce brands and online retailers.

Read on to learn what you should know about how to promote a sweepstakes or contest as a part of your Black Friday marketing. You’ll learn what it takes for Black Friday deals 2022 to go viral and attract thousands of participants to your BFCM giveaway. Ready to boost your Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, increase brand awareness, and grow your followers on social media?

Let’s go viral!


  • Do Cyber Monday giveaways go viral?
  • How to make a Black Friday contest go wild?
  • Should brands run a BFCM sweepstakes or social media contest?


The Difference Between a Black Friday Sweepstakes and a Contest

A Black Friday sweepstakes is a proven way to boost sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday. Just about every top ecommerce brand or online retailer runs a sweepstakes that incorporates a web entry or SMS sweepstakes format, an instant win game, scratch-off game, or a spin-to-win wheel.

Microexperiences are useful for engaging existing customers or those fans who are shopping on price rather than value. While it’s quite common to offer multiple instant win sweepstakes, it’s less common to offer a contest.

Sweepstakes vs Social Media Contest Differences

Contrast that with a Black Friday social media contest. You can quickly see why it has the potential to go viral on social media: a photo or video contest for Black Friday Cyber Monday can quickly take an audience of niche customers and turn it into a nationwide holiday shopping. Thanks to the power of social media, a contest may go viral when it’s incorporated into the other Black Friday 2022 trends that are receiving thousands of shares online.

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Use Social Media Contests to Go Viral on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022

A contest is a much better option if your goal is to go viral on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022. Why? Because social media contests generate user-generated content (UGC). As participants share their social media contest entries with your brand, you can also obtain explicit permission to use their UGC to market your brand.

As a result, you will have UGC that is not only shared by participants directly to their friends in exchange for additional contest entries. You will also have content that your brand can repurpose again and again for future marketing campaigns, as well as, to attract participants for new contest and sweepstakes promotions.

This is why making an annual UGC contest for the holiday shopping season can help you significantly boost your sales on BFCM. At the same time, you will be able to grow your holiday sales over the long-term to ensure that your marketing KPI and business goals are met.


Black Friday Deals and Sweepstakes, Contests? You Need Both in 2022

It can be difficult to determine exactly which sweepstakes or giveaway promotions you need to go viral on Black Friday in 2022. However, the focus is growing with multiple types of promotions being run by ecommerce brands at the same time. That is mainly because each of these promotions are designed to appeal to different audience segments.


Black Friday Promotion Ideas

For example:

  • Spin-to-win wheels: Attract first-time customers looking for incentives to place orders. Can also help to build an email marketing list or SMS marketing subscriber list.
  • Instant win games: Are an option to engage existing customers to build customer loyalty. Instant win games may award prizes to thousands of participants. This makes it possible for a brand to reward many customers at a lower cost while providing something of value to most participants.
  • Scratch-off games: Scratch-off games offer the same benefits as instant games, with the added option to generate UGC. Participants may share their games with other participants or the brand to social media. However, ensure that your instant win sweepstakes rules explain the restrictions around this practice.

While all of these sweepstakes promotions will engage your fans and customers and keep them engaged. There are still a number of fans who are either looking to become first-time customers of your brand. Alternatively, they may be considering your brand in order to move away from the ecommerce brand that they currently seek out for Black Friday trending deals.


Want to Trend on Google Trends and Social Media? Run an Online Sweepstakes

Nothing attracts more attention in the news media than an online sweepstakes being run by a top retailer on Black Friday 2022 with amazing prizes. Whether it’s a large cash prize of 1 million dollars or the chance to win a holiday vacation for the family, brands are giving to be giving away a lot more this year in order to attract each fans.

If your goal is to get your brand trending sitewide across the entire social media platform for your region or you want to end up in Google Trends top 10 trends for Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2022, then you need to plan your sweepstakes or contest prizes extremely carefully. This is an instance where you should definitely consult a prize fulfillment company with prize procurement to to get access to specific brands and experiential marketing services that can provide you with the vendors that you need to execute a larger-than-life sweepstakes campaign for Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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Online Sweepstakes Build Customer Loyalty

Above all, a web entry sweepstakes makes Black Friday sweepstakes participants feel like your brand is doing something solely for their benefit, rather than a contest which requires effort on their part. If your goal is to use your Black Friday deals promotion to increase customer loyalty, and reward existing customers, a text to win or online sweepstakes is probably the best option for your brand to add to your marketing strategy.


BFCM Social Media Contest Tips

Here are some ideas of people to promote your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals and discounts to:

  1. Post an exciting video promoting BFCM discounts and deals from yours store. Don’t forget to mention that you are also running a giveaway promotion.
  2. Create an ad budget to promote this video to your followers.
  3. Create a retargeting campaign that will bring this social media traffic to your site. Target only those fans who watched at least 50% or more of your video.
  4. Create a lookalike audience and use it to identify more potential BFCM sweepstakes participants and first-time customers.
  5. Boost your BFCM sales, grow your followers, and delight your audience.


Get Influencers Involved to Go Viral on Thanksgiving in 2022

From microinfluencers to celebrities, it’s very likely that some influencers will be going viral for offering their last helpful life hacks along with their version of the latest trending memes.

So many people are online during Thanksgiving weekend it only makes sense to leverage the audiences of influencers who have customers that might want to learn more about your brand. Now is the time to reach out to influencers and start to incorporate them into your giveaway promo social media marketing strategy.

It’s no longer just something that you do to be trendy. It’s actually a way to create a larger audience for your brand quickly to increase awareness of your sweepstakes or contest promotion and attract Black Friday shoppers looking for the best deals for 2022.

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Black Friday 2022 Ecommerce Contest Checklist for Brands

Here are some examples of the important elements to include in a viral sweepstakes or contest:

Run an Ecommerce Giveaway Checklist

  1. Start your sweepstakes promotion with a strong hook
  2. Keep your sweepstakes entry pages as concise as possible
  3. Use legally-compliant, high-converting CTAs
  4. Send sweepstakes follow up text messages, ecommerce discounts and deals, transaction and welcome emails at the right time
  5. Leverage trending TikTok songs like these TikTok songs that went viral for Christmas
  6. Become a master of storytelling and create a unique story that leverages your brand story for your giveaway promotion
  7. Choose relevant hashtags for your giveaway
  8. Create an omnichannel customer experience with your giveaway
  9. Engage participants to engage with your brand and each other on social platforms
  10. Encourage referrals (in exchange for additional sweepstakes entries)
  11. Make sure that contest participants create UGC that all of your fans would be interested in watching and sharing
  12. Take advantage of Black Friday Cyber Monday trends as soon as they start, immediately
  13. Leverage brand ambassadors, influencers, and creators to promote your Black Friday 2022 ecommerce giveaway
  14. Provide customer support and be consistent in your engagement with fans and participants on social media

Free Advertisement Maker with Templates

Canva lets you create eye-catching advertisements with their free ad maker. Customize your sweepstakes, contest, or raffle ads with trending images, fonts, and high quality design assets.

Black Friday Trending Hashtags for 2022 on Social Media

If you think that you can use hashtags to help your sweepstakes or contest go viral, you are correct! Great hashtags helps your audience find your promotion in a manner that is strategic for your brand and relevant and interesting to your fans.

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How to Go Viral With Sweepstakes? Choose the Right Hashtags on Black Friday

Here are the steps to follow when choosing hashtags for your sweepstakes or contest and Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 promotional marketing:

  1. Keep your target audience, the sweepstakes prize, and Black Friday Cyber Monday hashtags in mind when choosing a hashtag for your promotion
  2. Categorize the posts that get the most engagement on your brand’s social media profiles from fans and customers. Incorporate these hashtags into your sweepstakes marketing campaign.
  3. Use hashtags that WON’T be the most competitive on Black Friday. Less competitive hashtags can still have significant search volume while giving your posts greater visibility.
  4. Conduct research for trending keywords and start adding them to a bank of hashtags that you can use with your social media posts during the promotional marketing and launch phases of your giveaway promotional campaign.


How Long Does a Black Friday Cyber Monday Contest or Sweepstakes Take to Go Viral?

You only have 4 days to go viral from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday as Thanksgiving weekend is 4 days long. Furthermore, with posts remaining live on Instagram for just two days, you may have a shorter window than that. Fortunately, there is no specific timeframe for content on TikTok to go viral. While a video might not go viral right away, the right hashtags and social advertising could give it the push that it needs.


Make Your Contest Last From Black Friday to Cyber Monday

In recent years, Cyber Monday has become an increasing important part of the BFCM sales strategy for brands. Cyber Monday was originally created in the mid-2000s in order to persuade more consumers to shop online. These days, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, looking for Black Friday Cyber Monday deals from online stores has become extremely popular especially when it comes to some industries, such as services and digital goods.


Thanksgiving Week Social Media Contest Ideas

You can leverage the entire Thanksgiving weekend or even Thanksgiving itself to run a sweepstakes, contest or giveaway for your brand. Make sure that your Black Friday sales also extend throughout the entire period. Promising special deals and discounts to those who participate in your sweepstakes or contest can help your giveaway promo go viral on Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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Final Tips to Create a Viral Sweepstakes or Contest

  1. Make sure to do your research and understand your audience. Are your Black Friday customers only looking for the best pricing. What do they want from their brand.
  2. Make sure to demonstrate intuitiveness and empathy. The holiday season is stressful for many people. Your brand should understand and demonstrate this in your giveaway marketing and even your giveaway prizes.
  3. Make your sweepstakes or contest exciting. Don’t forget about making sure that participants can enjoy a seamless and unique sweepstakes experience across all platforms.
  4. Use social advertising. Black Friday Cyber Monday advertising is highly targeted and effective on high sales volume days. You should use Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Linkedin Ads, based on your ecommerce store and audience for your Black Friday Cyber Monday contest promotion.


Go Viral With Sweepstakes and Social Media Contests on Black Friday Cyber Monday

However, if you want the high ticket customers, more loyal subscribers, and a flood of instant sales, the best way to attract all of these at once is to run a text-to-win sweepstakes, online sweepstakes, or social media contest for your brand. Make sure that your Official Rules permit the use of UGC and request the proper permissions from participants.

Then you will have an instant marketing campaign ready to retarget any visitors to your sweepstakes landing page or contest sign up post on your social media timeline. Just insert the UGC and watch a flood of participants flow in as you promote your Black Friday Cyber Monday contest and announce to everyone that the promotion is now live and ready for participants to enter for a chance to win.

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