D2C Brands Can Build Brand Personality With Sweepstakes and Giveaways

d2c brands can build brand personality with sweepstakes and giveaways blog post title
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D2C brands can use sweepstakes and contests to drive customer loyalty. By focusing on engaging a smaller audience, namely subscribers, D2C brands use these promos to increase brand awareness and sales. During sweepstakes and contest promos, DTC brands demonstrate authenticity, educate consumers on brand value in order to boost sales.

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D2C Brands Need to Form Distinctive Brand Personalities

To remain loyal customers to a D2C company, fans need to feel a sense of intimacy and affinity toward the brand. According to D2C experts, brands need to use technology to achieve scale while still maintaining the same relationship as their customers’ first-time shopping experiences. To achieve this, DTC brands need a fail-fast approach to the direct-to-consumer model for quick decision making and scaling, says Vinay Singh, Co-founder & Partner, Fireside Ventures.

D2C Brands Can Build Brand Personality With Sweepstakes and Giveaways

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d2c brands can build brand personality with sweepstakes and giveaways blog post title

Here’s How D2C Brands Measure Brand Personality to Maintain Consistency

Direct-to consumer brands are here to stay in the post-COVID retail world. From legacy brands jumping on to consumer trends to disruptors, D2C brands rely on crafting brand personality to attract consumers.

Utilizing sweepstakes and contests as a test of loyalty keeps fans and customers engaged. The brand-safe environment of a sweepstakes or contest also makes it possible to get an accurate read on conversions and their assists. While the D2C model is still fairly new to the retail space, today’s consumers already demand unique customer experiences which is why D2C brands should focus on building brand personality.


D2C Brands Can Run Sweepstakes and Contests to Create Brand Personality

In this article, we explore how D2C brands can implement martech to improve their delivery of sweepstakes, contests, and raffle campaigns. Then, learn how D2C brands should use the data collected by these campaigns to drive a comprehensive sweepstakes marketing strategy with recurring promos.

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  • What are examples of brand personality?
  • Why does brand personality matter for D2C brands?
  • How do D2C brands use sweepstakes and contests?


What Is Brand Personality for D2C?

The term brand personality is the set of human characteristics that could be applied to a D2C brand. When applied effectively through a branding strategy that includes measuring brand equity KPIs, D2C brands can ensure that the brand delivers a consistent experience enjoyed by a specific consumer segment.

D2C brands also need to appeal to multiple customer segments including fans, sweepstakes participants, first-time customers and loyal customers. As customer expectations evolve, brands are expected to not only deliver personalized experiences to each audience but also to deliver them at a faster pace.

Companies should define brand personalities so that they resonate with consumers. Then use sweepstakes and contests to reinforce their D2C brand personalities. In fact, a recent study found that 47% of CMOs in the UK predict that D2C channels will have greater control over brand portrayal, hinting at global trends for the space.

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How Do Sweepstakes and Contests Help D2C Brands?

D2C brands need sweepstakes and contests to demonstrate their love for their loyal customer base and fans. These promotions also need to be powered by the martech that will allow brands to fulfill customer requirements and gain useful insights. This is the mix that sets D2C brands apart from the competition when it comes to scalability to achieve consistent brand personality like today’s top brands.

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Brand Personalities Come to Life in D2C Brand Giveaways

The markers of brand personality that marketers can define in sweepstakes, contests, and raffle promotions include:

1. Look: The brand’s visual identity by creating promotion specific logos, colors, typography, photography. Examples of D2C brands changing their look include holiday sweepstakes and seasonal giveaway promotions.

In the case of a product launch, a D2C brand may opt to define a new look that they reveal or brainstorm through UGC during a sweepstakes or contest promo.

2. Sound: What does a D2C brand sound like? By tying sounds to the act of purchasing from or engaging with a D2C brand, sonic branding is a means of establishing brand personality.

3. Action: Finally, a brand’s action is the way that it engages with a consumer segment to build a feeling of special connection with consumers. Giveaways are an example of D2C brand action that helps to build loyalty.

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D2C Brands & Sweepstakes: Elements of Brand Personality to Demonstrate

The trends of digital media, payment technology, logistics, and ecommerce are powering the martech evolution that is currently taking place in the D2C ecosystem. By creating sweepstakes and giveaway promotions that are designed to answer to customer needs, D2C brands can ensure that their brand messaging helps to maintain their brand personality in the eyes of consumers.

Here are five types of brand personalities that D2C brands can represent in giveaway promotions:

  1. Excitement: Show that your brand is relaxed, free-spirited and youthful, imaginative, trending
  2. Sincerity: Show that your brand is kind, community- or family-focused, honest, wholesome
  3. Ruggedness: Show that your brand meets the highest performance, tough, athletic, and perfect for outdoor adventures
  4. Competence: Show that your brand is successful, intelligent, and accomplished, the market leader or a distruptor in the marketplace
  5. Sophistication: Show that your brand is well-respected, exclusive, refined, and prestigious

Brand personality is about reinforcing how your fans and customers feel after engaging with your brand. Sweepstakes or contests can be tailored to the exact brand personalities that D2C brands strive to adopt and maintain.

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Build Brand Personality With the Advantages of D2C Brands in Sweepstakes

These are the top advantages of direct-to-consumer brands that should be emphasized to attract sellers:

Saving time: Direct-to–consumer brands enable customers to help them save on shipping the products they need to them. Showcase the convience features of the D2C brand in a sweepstakes or giveaway. A helpful sweepstakes prize can further emphasize this aspect of D2C brand personality.

Engagement: D2C brands attract loyal fans because they engage with their audiences consistently. Offering sweepstakes or contest on a recurring monthly schedule, or annually to maintain D2C brand personality.

Comparison: D2C brands have to emphasize value to attract first-time customers. As a result, it’s recommended to create messaging that compares the D2C brand to its legacy brand, market leaders or other direct-to-consumer competitors.

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D2C Brands Use Sweepstakes to Measure Consumer Demographics

D2C brands don’t only need to get their offers right, they also need to find the right moments. By utilizing sweepstakes promotions, D2C brands can increase their insights into the consumer demographics of their audiences.

Some typical demographic data collected during a sweepstakes include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • State/province
  • City

Sweepstakes surveys can help companies to gain further insights into audience segments by collecting data about income, occupation, product ownership, and shopping habits.

This is how D2C brands can use data collection surveys to identify the unique pain points of every customer in their audiences. Furthermore, with running sweepstakes, there is less need to identify the perfect customer profile since you can measure consumer demographics in real-time with giveaways.

Final Thoughts

D2C brands set themselves apart when running sweepstakes and giveaways when they are also able to deliver quick and thoughtful responses to consumer engagements. All round, a sweepstakes or contest strategy driven by the right martech stack delivers everything needed to optimize a brand personality.

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